Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Churches Support Bush Thanks to Bribes

Jesus whipping money out of the religious houses

Just like Bush hands out cash stipends and tax cuts to the media along with allowing them free range to create monopolies and cartels, so he bribes Churches to support him.

It isn't because this famous Skull and Bones "chant to the devil that is death" is so religious. He hasn't shown any religious impulses like say, Jimmy Carter, a real Christian, shows. He mouths platitudes but he keeps the faith by bringing home the bacon.
Both Sacred Zion and the Druid Heights corporation are engaged in the type of "social entrepreneurship" encouraged by Bush, who says both faith-based and secular groups play a vital role in the difficult task of bringing relief to the distressed and impoverished. But the president's budget proposals say something else when it comes to the nation's fight against poverty.

Bush has pushed for increased funding for religion-based groups while proposing deep cuts for many traditional anti-poverty programs. The result is that many small church- and community-based social service programs are slowly assuming the lead role in the war on poverty once held by long-established community development organizations. Administration officials say that faith-based groups are often less expensive and more effective in helping the needy, a contention that traditional service providers challenge.

The Churches have this overhead: churches, which have to be maintained. So they run AA meetings and such and collect tax payer money for this "service". As they seek more forms of sucking off the government teats they corrupt their mission to the point that it becomes a vacuuming operation to clear funds one way or another. It doesn't matter if the services are slender to none. Just go through the motions.

Even as the Bush people scream we have no money they increase the funds flowing into the Church coffers because by purchasing the services of the preachers they can keep unlawful power without too much effort. This is exactly why not one Church entity is screaming about abortions. They have control of everything now and can easily get it yet no one is moving at all on this topic. Even gay rights are extending, not contracting. There are many gays working for Bush and he has assured them that this money flowing to the Churches will buy their silence. In turn, the Churches are given the green light to attack the abortion/gay issue with all their holy frevor...until the day after the election when another billion will pour into the treasure chests.
Bush's 2006 budget proposed slashing public housing subsidies, food stamps, energy assistance, community development, social services and community services block grants -- programs that for decades have constituted the federal anti-poverty fight. While congressional budget makers have promised to restore some of the funding, they also have agreed to the president's tax cuts and overall spending targets, meaning there will be stiff competition for a shrinking pot of money.

At the same time, Bush's budget proposal for next year contemplates adding $385 million in new religion-based programs to this year's eventual total. The federal government awarded more than $2 billion in such grants in 2004 -- nearly double the amount awarded in 2003. Funding under the president's faith- and community-based initiative has gone up despite Congress's refusal to enact legislation that would allow faith-based groups to discriminate by religion when hiring staff, something Bush says should be allowed as long as they offer their services to people of all faiths and do not use federal money to proselytize.

They don't want to proselytize. That is hard work. They just want the money to flow. They don't care what it is for or that some result must come of it, just pass the collection plate and eat that fried chicken. No Church is going to heat a home. They will suck up the money and then make the poor jump through humiliating hoops to get a check. One church in New Hampshire this winter would send troops over to check out people's homes and if they had cable TV they got no heating help, for example.

This scheme to win the hearts and wallets of the religious so the rich can cut taxes and form monopolies and cartels is a cynical effort that is, in the bitter end, going to destroy the Churches by corrupting them.

Time for Jesus to go and turn over the money changer's tables.

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