Saturday, May 21, 2005


The billowing waves of propaganda that spewed out of the Pope's grave continues unabated as the press tries to make the Holy Inquisitor in Chief look good and pander to Catholics who still go to church, which is no longer the majority if one peeks inside actual churches.

The latest salvo is Bush pandering as usual.
President Bush praised Pope Benedict XVI and "the Catholic contribution to American freedom" yesterday at a Catholic prayer breakfast, an event emblematic of the rising clout of religious groups in the nation's capital.

Modeled on the Protestant-led congressional prayer breakfast that has been held each February for more than half a century, the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast is in its second year. It attracted 1,600 people, 14 members of Congress and the president to a packed hotel ballroom where waiters in black tie served scrambled eggs to activists who wore sweat shirts that read "You can't be Catholic and pro-abortion."
This is the Inquisitor-in-Chief's big thing this time around as he meddles freely in our private affairs. It never ceases to amaze me how people who laud freedom seem to be endlessly plotting to restrict my civil rights. As we fight for "freedom" and "democracy" overseas these same people remove them here at home. We want real elections! With real vote counting!

This freedom loving Church is busy kicking people out for not conforming to Ratzi the lover of Freedom if they don't hew to his line.
When former New York mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani receives an honorary degree this morning from Loyola College in Maryland and speaks at the Catholic school's 153rd commencement in Baltimore, the city's archbishop and his representatives won't be there.

Never mind that Cardinal William H. Keeler does not ordinarily attend the college's annual spring exercises. And never mind that Keeler was not formally invited to this year's event. As the local guardian of Roman Catholic doctrine, the archbishop of Baltimore felt compelled this week to express his views on an occasion featuring a Republican politician known for supporting abortion rights.

"May I state," Keeler wrote to Loyola's interim president, David Haddad, in a letter dated Wednesday and posted yesterday on the archdiocese's Web site, "that there will be no representative of the Archdiocese participating in any event honoring former Mayor Giuliani. I am confident that, by now, you understand many of the consequences that spring from an invitation having been extended to former Mayor Giuliani to receive an honorary degree at Loyola. May the Lord make of this event a teaching moment for many."
Dear God! The teaching moment seems to be "no one expects the German Inquisition!" As the Church Inquisitor-in-Chief tries to use all his minions to enforce Church doctrine upon all Catholics trying to turn our free nation into a Taliban replica, all one can say is, "Seperation of Church and State". Obviously, no one in the various "faiths" can be real Americans since they are all, Jewish or Protestant or Catholic or whatever, are being told that their religion trumps their citizenship to America. Imposing their own religious bigotry upon our nation which is made up of many religions means they are swearing allegiance to the flag, they are beholden to something else. Maybe this is why they all seem so been on the "One nation under GOD" stuff. They aren't swearing to support America or the Constitution but rather their own cults.

Cults are very dangerous to states. The Catholic cult, for example, is now sworn to obey a former Nazi who is a right winger living in another country. He is not an American. The American cults like the Baptists who want people to only support the GOP are equally bad in that they divide America. The entire point of citizenship is to unite across class and ethnic lines, not divide and conquer.

On top of this rank attempt by Bush to cultivate antifeminists in the Churchalong comes his ditzy wife, Laura, telling Muslims to liberate their women!
One of the White House's more popular envoys to the outside world, the first lady started her solo diplomatic mission on Friday by talking frankly about America's serious image problems here, singling out abuses at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

At the World Economic Forum on Saturday, Laura Bush stuck more closely to the administration's message of hope, citing elections in Afghanistan and Iraq, a newly elected president for Palestinians, and women being given voting rights in Kuwait.

"Women who have not yet won these rights are watching," the first lady told a conference room on the shore of the Dead Sea. "Freedom, especially freedom for women, is more than the absence of oppression," she said. "It's the right to speak and vote and worship freely. Human rights requires the rights of women."
Whoopee. Women in Kuwait get rights but women here in America don't? The Pope doesn't care about Kuwait but Laura's husband is willing to help him Kuchen, Kirche und Kinder us here in America?

And the CNN story does mention the glaring problem of super women suppressing nation, Saudi Arabia. Laura says nothiing about that place. Evidently, the kissing and hugging of Saudi rich men means they get a green light to oppress and humilate women. We noticed this before. When invading Afghanistan, American propaganda made a big thing about freeing the Afghani women who are, as far as we can see, not free at all. The Soviets freed them much more. Back then, under the communists, women could hold jobs that interacted with men, they went to school..with boys and men...they could wear western dress. Laura trotted off to that place to affirm women's rights. Yet she is utterly silent at home on this same, pressing issue.

Like a wind up Liberation Barbie doll she goes out, flaps her gums and then retreats back into her private boudoir where we presume she reads novels and dreams of stallion studs while her own daughters run drunk through the streets, flashing their underclothes.

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