Monday, May 23, 2005


Years ago I learned all about the Bush family and their bizarre interaction with the Skull and Bones fraternity/cult at Yale. This strange "fraternity" is the breeding ground of not only America's ruling class but also the spook world. The activities of this cult/fraternity are swathed in darkness. When two members of this cult/conspiracy/fraternity ran against each other for President, both refused to divulge even the stupidest facts about this bizarre, powerful group.

Bush pretended they didn't exist and pretended to be surprised to hear it was still running strong at Yale---even after he invited them all to the WH to celebrate his Supreme Court victory! The press didn't note this.

Kerry refused to even answer a single question. He pretened there was no magical number of any combination of 322 or 332 or whatever.

Both men refused to talk about stolen skulls or what that might mean or discuss the illegality of grave robbing. Much less condemn this.

The Bush family is famous online now for this business. I am partially responsible for this because I am personally outraged by this whole matter for, you see, one of my ancestors was involved in setting up the Skull and Bones and beginning the grave robbing schemes. And trust me when I tell you this, he didn't do this as a "prank". He did it for religious reasons.

Namely, to do black magic.

Many people poo poo this stuff claiming it is all college pranks done by cute youth who don't know that it might be wrong to worship the Devil and kiss skulls and do various interesting rituals. Hahaha. Yup. These same folk yell all the time about how we have to love Jesus and follow the Pope and Hallelujia Protestant anti Darwinists. Bush himself makes a big to-do about his being a "Christian".

But this family has a thing about skulls. When the Apaches learned that Prescott Bush stole Geronimo's skull, they asked John McCain to intervene and get it back. Prescott Jr. gave McCain a skull which the University of Arizona examined and said it was a child's skull, not Geronimo's. So McCain took it back and it dissappeared in the maw of the Bush family skull collection. What? I wrote many letters complaining about this. Who was the child? Where did they get the skull? Shouldn't tests be run on it? Was the child murdered?

So much for America's CSI! No one seemed to be interested in this matter except for me, it seems.

The Apaches never got the skull but to quiet them, Bush visited and gave out Federal monies. Meanwhile, the cult in Yale claims there are no skulls there. Of course, this being America, not one cop showed up to search the crypt at Yale to see if they are lying. Naturally. And Yale's President didn't pull their charter and forbid their activities. What is a little grave robbing between frat brothers?

Kerry didn't say a peep about any of this. Trust me, I tried to get him to.

Sources say (to paraphrase the NYT and WP's favorite phrase) that Geronimo's skull resides at the Bush compound in Texas. We can't divulge how we know this, we just...know this.

To continue, proof that Bush likes to play with necromancing, namely using dead body parts for magic, comes up yet again with this astonishing news story that everyone poo pooed as "funny, hahaha". Russert, interveiwing Mr. Schroen of the CIA last week:
MR. SCHROEN: To some extent. Bin Laden is isolated, but I believe that he is able to still influence and communicate with his organization. It's true that terrorism has been globalized now in a way after 9/11 that's significant. But bin Laden remains a critical figure for us to focus on and to capture.

MR. RUSSERT: And direct the operation?

MR. SCHROEN: I don't know if he is actually directing it, but his spiritual guidance and his encouragement certainly adds emphasis to attacks around the world and groups around the world operating against us.

MR. RUSSERT: On September 1, 2001, you began a 90-day phaseout retiring from the CIA. Then came the horrific day of 8:46 AM, September 11, 2001. All our lives changed. You were asked to stay on at the CIA. On September 13th, you were summoned to the office of Cofer Black, the head of counterterrorism for the CIA. What did he tell you? What was your mission?

MR. SCHROEN: The mission was to--the first part of it was to go in and link up with the Northern Alliance, formerly headed by Ahmed Al-Massoud, and to win their confidence and their agreement to cooperate militarily with us. They were the only armed force on the ground in Afghanistan opposing the Taliban. The second part of it was, once the Taliban were broken, to attack the al-Qaeda organization, find bin Laden and his senior lieutenants and kill them.

MR. RUSSERT: Kill them?

MR. SCHROEN: Kill them.

MR. RUSSERT: Wasn't it illegal for us to kill foreign leaders?

MR. SCHROEN: I don't think at that point that the--I think the administration had gotten to the point where bin Laden and his guys were fair game.

MR. RUSSERT: As part of war?

MR. SCHROEN: As part of war.

MR. RUSSERT: Mr. Black gave you specific instructions on what he wanted you to bring home.

MR. SCHROEN: That's true. He did ask that once we got bin Laden and killed him, that we send his head back in a cardboard box on dry ice so that he could take it down and show the president.

MR. RUSSERT: Where would you find the dry ice in Afghanistan?

MR. SCHROEN: That's what I mentioned to him. I said, "Cofer, I think that I can come up with pikes to put the heads of the lieutenants on," which is the second part of what he wanted done. "Dry ice, we'll have to improvise."

MR. RUSSERT: Why couldn't you find bin Laden?
The mythology of the Skull and Bones is to worship the skulls of those who killed Americans, who had religioius magical powers and who were magicians of a sort, themselves. This way the Skull and Bones can "plug into" the powers of darkness that these historic people controlled. "Big Juju" so to speak. This is akin to the beliefs of Voodooism which was a big fad in upper class families back 200 years ago thanks to their children being raised by slaves.

This Voodoo stuff has transmutated but it is most astonishing that Bush can get away with pretending to be a Christian while openly persuing his favorite hobby of collecting the skulls of leaders of rebellions against American imperialism. The fact that he wanted bin Laden's head is very troubling. One should think Congress should have hearings about this. Forget Galloway's supposed cooperation with Saddam, what about Bush's cooperation with Satan?

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