Friday, June 17, 2005

POPE BANS PEDOPHILES.... But only for five years...

"I am finally a film star! Emperor of the Universe!"

Oh joy oh joy. The boys in the long frilly dresses in the Boyz Klub in Rome decided after paying out a billion dollar to spring their fellow priests...they have made the unprecedented decision to not let the pedophiles back in for five more years so I suppose it is still safe to let your altar boy be near an altar.

The nation's Roman Catholic bishops agreed Friday to a five-year extension on their unprecedented policy of permanently barring sexually abusive clergy from church work.
The overwhelming vote by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops means the American church will stick with the main points of the policy it adopted in 2002 at the height of crisis brought on by molesters in the priesthood. The Vatican is expected to approve the extension.

The bishops' committee overseeing a review mandated by the original policy spent months soliciting comment from fellow church leaders. The panel concluded that "many, perhaps a majority," of bishops hope to someday ease the permanent ban on offenders. Some prelates believe it violates Catholic teaching on redemption — that any sinner can be healed — and treats every case equally no matter the severity of the offense.

However, the bishops' committee said that church leaders agreed now was not the time to soften the policy.

Chicago Cardinal Francis George, a leader in reviewing the plan with Vatican officials, said he was aware it created tensions between bishops and priests. He went as far as calling the permanent ban on offenders "draconian."
Now I get to blow my stack. Forgiveness? This from the creators of the Spanish Inquisition? The religion that handed St. Pete's keys to a former Nazi who ran the present Inquisition? The Church that didn't forgivGalileoeo until just fifteen years ago? The Church that ran the Albenginian Crusade which ended with them exterminating whole cities, burning the survivors at the stake????

What? This church that pretty much operated a two thousand year reign of terror against all other religions is forgiving?

Worse: they think I am not only a witch but that I will burn in hell forever because I won't go to their church and agree with everything they spout! Seriously. People willing to make me suffer eternal torment shouldn't yap about how they should forgive each other for poking themselves inside helpless little boys!

Sorry, guys, no.

Worse, this church icampaigningng to deny civil rights to real gay men and women who live together just like the Pope and his merry gang of (fill in the blank). These men want us to worship them while they molest and destroy and curse and hunt down gay men and women!

No. No way. Period. This is way wrong.

Well, the Boyz in the Hood in Rome don't care abouhypocrisycy. They know Jesus loves religious hypocrites! It is right there in the Bible! "And lo, Jesus said unto the smug priests, 'The hypocrite has the keys to Heaven for they don't keep their sh*t hidden under a basket but spread it about underfoot.'"

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