Thursday, August 11, 2005


Painting by H. Bosch

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Catholic Church along with all sorts of churches and other orgnanizations, all want to tell me how to have sex and etc. These nosey, crummy fakes want to shove me around while they screw around behind their velvet curtains.

Once again, one of these lying, hypocritical idiots gets caught red handed. From the NYT:
A Roman Catholic monsignor named in court papers as ''the other man'' in a divorce case resigned Thursday as rector of St. Patrick's Cathedral, the New York archdiocese said.

Cardinal Edward Egan accepted Msgr. Eugene Clark's resignation from the key church position despite the 79-year-old Clark's denials that he has been carrying on an affair with his 46-year-old private secretary, the church said.

''He offered his resignation for the good of Saint Patrick's and the Archdiocese,'' the statement said. ''He will not be celebrating Mass or the sacraments publicly until this matter has been resolved.''

Clark has been rector of St. Patrick's in midtown Manhattan since 2001 and has often celebrated Mass there when the cardinal was away. A strong proponent of traditional morality, he blamed the church's sex-abuse scandal in 2002 on ''the campaign of liberal America against celibacy.''

Clark was named in divorce papers filed last week in Family Court in White Plains by Philip DeFilippo, 46, who claimed that a private investigator taped his wife, Laura, and the monsignor entering and leaving a Long Island hotel last month. The videotape was shown Monday to New York City newspapers.

DeFilippo also claimed that the DeFilippos' teenage daughter was exposed to the relationship.

A call to Clark's lawyer, Laura Brevetti, was not immediately returned. Laura DeFilippo's lawyer, Michael Berger, said he would not comment on Clark's resignation. Both lawyers have previously denied that the monsignor and his secretary had a sexual relationship, accusing Philip DeFilippo of distorting an innocent event.

Archdiocesan spokesman Joseph Zwilling had said Wednesday that Clark was not asked to step down as rector because unlike priests who were accused of molesting boys, he was not accused of anything illegal and was denying the allegations.
Shades of Karl Rove! He wasn't "breaking the law", he was only busting up marriages! Holy matrimony! Geeze. Now you tell me, who are the idiots running around America screaming we must put the 10 Commandments all over the place?

Obviously, these same bonzos can't remember any of them unless it is tatooed on each other's foreheads. Oh!

I forgot, buggering boys isn't forbidden by any commandments from their God! So that must be why they did it. Alas for them, it is illegal under secular laws! But breaking the "thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife (and oxen! Hands off of my Chip and Dale team!)" is A-OK. Women get stoned to death all over the world for this but Catholic priests can do it because they don't covet the wives, they merely borrow them. In between chasing choir boys, of course.

The Nazi Ratzi Pope wants to purify his putrid clergy except he doesn't, he wants me purified. Well, listen to this, you horny old rat infested fools: I don't want your dirty hands on my body or the body of any women in America, hear? Keep it to yourselves. No one will investigate your sex lives in the Vatican. You can screw around to your heart's delight there.

Just stay out of my life. This is a warning.

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