Saturday, August 06, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

On a mountain top near my own mountain is the Grafton Peace Pagoda. The Japanese nun who founded this pagoda walked around the world, praying until she came here and created this beautiful monument with the unstinting labor of many wonderful volunteers.

Everyone poured their hearts into this. Because of the nukes that fell on Japan. Since world peace rests entirely in the hands of the United States whose military spending and weapons dominate the planet yet control very little of it, we and we alone are responsible for creating and protecting all of humanity...from our own rage.

After 9/11, when we had the sympathy of the world we turned it into sympathy for the devil.

We could have led the people on earth in the right direction but instead, the right led America into the wrong direction. Every step we take down our chosen path is bloodier than the one before yet we are compelled like sleepwalkers to move ever forwards. Each day brings news that doesn't surprise me.

Sadly, everything I fretted about and so many of us in the cyber realm warned about, comes true, relentlessly. All the worst imaginings are fulfulled in full. But underlying all this is the odd and frankly insane notion that Americans are "young and naive." This ardent belief of our own infantallity has fatal consequences. For we don't take an adult's responsibilities seriously.

"Live within your means," our parents warned us yet even as our parents live and breathe, they as well as we, all refuse to do that. Collectively and idividually, we all live as if there is no tomorrow. And yet, there is a tomorrow. And we know, in our souls, that we must build and weed the garden and draw the water, day after day, for life is an accumulation of many small, sometimes nearly invisible, actions.

Mother Nature can and has swept aside our works and our lives just as She demonstrated so brutally last December. Even today, typhoons and floods are snatching away the lives and homes of many people and we know these things can and will happen to us, here, too.

This is why the most important thing we can do is live our lives so we are spiritually ready to die, for you take nothing, not even family, with you when you pass the Gates of Death. There is one thing you can take.

Your soul.

And so, by shedding tears of pity upon the millions of dead women, men, children and babies who have died in past wars and will die in future wars, we weed our own gardens of the heart and despite feelings of anger and despair over the direction our country has stumbled, we must hold out hope that we can turn the tide, courage and love, to get everyone to heave our nation into the right direction again.

September 24th we will go to the Capital to show our strength, our energy and our will. We will tell the world and those who think they thwart us, that we are united and we are not to be stopped or ignored, we are the PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

I will post more about this demonstration as time passes.

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