Monday, August 15, 2005


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Some of the religious people I admire the most are the wonderful Franciscans and Clares. The founders of both orders were truly Christians who loved not only Jesus but all living things, plants and animals included. They sprang up at the same time the Dominicans did. The Dominicans wanted to use torture and kill anyone who disbelieved or disobeyed the Pope. Day and night differences, no?

I know which group Jesus would have joined.

The present Pope has a very checkered past, to say the least. His mealy mouthed excuses for his Hitler Youth days are shown to be evasions. Just look at him. He wears that lovely expression cartoonists use to show evil leaders lusting for power. Just like Bush's continual smirk or Mussollinian chin ups, as a cartoonist using photos, it is laughably easy to find evil looking pictures of powerful men, they suit this medium perfectly.

From the BBC news:
Pope Benedict XVI has said he hopes his forthcoming trip to his homeland Germany will give "new impulse" to the Roman Catholic Church in Europe.

In an interview with Vatican Radio ahead of the trip, the Pope said there was a widespread idea that "Christianity is composed of laws and bans which one has to keep".
Well, under Jesus, it was all about sharing and loving and turning the other cheek, three things nearly all Popes knew not. Far from it, they all choose, even "saintly" ones like the previous occupant, to live in a giant palace. I remember when the previous Pope came out on his balcony, surrounded by servants, to lecture us on the godliness of poverty. I was living in a tent and was sorely tempted to go to Rome and evict him from his palace and move him into my tent.

This present Pope wants us to follow his laws and bans but note how he protects adulterer priests and priests who hide child rapists!
He said this was often seen as "something toilsome and cumbersome".

"I want to make clear that it is not a burden to be carried with great love and realisation, but it is like having wings," he added.

"It is wonderful to be a Christian with this knowledge that it gives us a great breadth, a large community."

Asked what the ideal aim of the festival in Cologne was, Benedict answered that ideally, it would spark "a wave of new faith among young people, especially the youth in Germany and Europe".
Well, I am not a Catholic and I really am agnry with this Pope and his many minions working to force me to live under many bans and restrictions and toils. If he wants to live like this, go right ahead. His many followers can imitate him. No one is stopping them. They can look at it this way: they will go to "heaven" while we will all go to "hell" and guess where I want to be?

Heaven is where your friends are. Hell is where people you don't like are.

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