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Art by Elaine Meinel Supkis

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Now we will go into rather strange and odd territory today. The web is a very interesting place. Within it is parked all sorts of odd and rather amazing if not horrible information, some of it totally false but alas, a lot of it perfectly true. Venturing into these places and talking about these things can be difficult for one seems insane or deluded but alas for America and our entire planet, the Bush family's crown jewels lie deep within the dark muck of the crazier side of the web. Every once and a while the Bush mask slips and they can't really help themselves, their true natures spring forth and we gasp in amazement and then everyone starts saying, "This doesn't matter. Who cares? It was long ago, like yesterday, yeah, they are all JOKING, they don't really mean all of this.

Well, that attitude is dead wrong. As the bodies of dead humans pile ever higher, we have to look at the truth about the Bush clan for this reveals their plans and goals and a lot worse, trust me on this.
Normally, I visit only at night. I am a Watcher. Observing humanity and the passages between the spirit world and reality is what I do, it is my function. To witness and warn.
Thank you for coming today. I appreciate your visits. I had one last night that was disturbing so I expected to see some weird news today on the internet and certainly enough, here it is.

From the of Florida, a regular newspaper
Gov. Bush & his mystical buddyAfter more than an hour of solemn ceremony naming Rep. Marco Rubio, R-West Miami, as the 2007-08 House speaker, Gov. Jeb Bush stepped to the podium in the House chamber last week and told a short story about "unleashing Chang," his "mystical warrior" friend.

Here are Bush's words, spoken before hundreds of lawmakers and politicians:
''Chang is a mystical warrior. Chang is somebody who believes in conservative principles, believes in entrepreneurial capitalism, believes in moral values that underpin a free society.

''I rely on Chang with great regularity in my public life. He has been by my side and sometimes I let him down. But Chang, this mystical warrior, has never let me down.''

Bush then unsheathed a golden sword and gave it to Rubio as a gift.

''I'm going to bestow to you the sword of a great conservative warrior,'' he said, as the crowd roared.

The crowd, however, could be excused for not understanding Bush's enigmatic foray into the realm of Eastern mysticism.

We're here to help.

In a 1989 Washington Post article on the politics of tennis, former President George Bush was quoted as threatening to ''unleash Chang'' as a means of intimidating other players.

The saying was apparently quite popular with Gov. Bush's father, and referred to a legendary warrior named Chang who was called upon to settle political disputes in Chinese dynasties of yore.

The phrase has evolved, under Gov. Jeb Bush's use, to mean the need to fix conflicts or disagreements over an issue. Faced with a stalemate, the governor apparently "unleashes Chang" as a rhetorical device, signaling it's time to stop arguing and start agreeing.

No word on if Rubio will unleash Chang, or the sword, as he faces squabbles in the future.
What do you think of this?
Perhaps you should call on Geronimo to talk about this. The Bushes use his skull for magic ceremonies which they used to do at the Skull and Bones crypt at Yale but had to remove it when it leaked out that their cult had it illegally. Grave robbing is illegal. Museums do it all the time. It isn't right.
I'd rather not. He comes only with lightning bolts. I already have enough trouble with my computers going down thanks to energy surges. Normally I call upon anime stars to explain or joke about these things but every once and a while, I feel the need to warn people about this stuff, the black magic, that the Bushes do. As you well know, I don't think it is a joke or silly or has no consequences.
We both know even stupid teens and ditzy actresses playing with the occult is very dangerous. The top political family in the USA doing this can be fatal to all humanity. They can kill everyone if they continue to invoke the powers of the Demons. Look at them! Do they look or sound sane? Do they look like honest Christians? Why do they belong to so many magic cults that pretend their devil worship is a joke? Can't people figure out, this is a deadly game?
People call me names and tell me to not take all this seriously, dear Watcher. As you well know. We both used to be visited by and talked to the FBI in the past because they needed information that only we had, to solve crimes like the Oklahoma City bombing.
I remember how you dropped the dish you were washing when the news broke, breaking the dish. You yelled and the phone rang and it was some agents in DC calling, asking for more information.
Yes, they visited, too, didn't they? *sigh* There were other times, too, but after 9/11, they never call, never visit. No matter if I email them information or call, dead silence. Readers on the darker side of the web know that our guardians are no longer working to save America. Like a cancer, fear and traitorous thinking pervades Washington now which is why absolutely everyone connected with protecting Americans failed utterly when the hurricane hit. So many died that they were happy to say, "only around 10,000 are dead," and they want everyone to ignore this or heaven help us, be pleased it wasn't a quarter million like in December, overseas.
We are glad Jeb Bush, father of a family of degenerate, criminal children, has finally named his demon. "Chang" could be anyone but I believe that this refers to a famous (evil) monk, here is some data about him: From History and Philosophy via Google:
Shaolin priests spent an average of 10 years behind Temple walls in a strict regimen of work, mediation, practice and study. Their day started at sunrise and ended at sunset. Graduation from the Temple consisted of three tests. The first was a difficult oral examination of Chinese history, martial arts theory, philosophy and healing. The next was full-contact sparring matches with several Kung-Fu masters, and the last was the Ordeal of the Lohan Hall.

The Fukien Province monastery contained the 36 chambers or levels of martial arts' instruction and the infamous Lohan Hall (also known as Priest-Scholar Hall and Den of the Wooden Men). Upon entering the Lohan Hall, the graduate student fought 108 mechanical wooden dummies armed with knives, spears and clubs triggered by the student's body movements. If the student survived, they had to make their way through an opening blocked by a 5OO-pound metal urn containing red-hot coals. Gripping the urn in their forearms, the student had to slide the urn to create an exit. In the process, he branded his forearms with the badges of the Shaolin master, the Dragon and the Tiger.

In 1768, the Manchus again saw the need to destroy the second Shaolin Temple. They sought the allegiance of Chang Sanfeng, a sung dynasty scholar and outstanding student of the Fukien Temple. His superior physical and mental abilities allowed him to graduate from the temple a full-fledged master in less than two years.

A Taoist, Chang Sanfeng left the temple to start a monastery in Hubei's Wu Tang mountain range. Here he created Wu Tang Martial Arts, merging the hard arts with the mystical Chi Kung (Internal Power) arts. This led to the creation of T'ai Chi Ch'uan, "The Grand Ultimate Art," of which, one account reports, Chang Sanfeng as the acknowledged founder. Sanfeng created T'ai Chi Ch'uan as a combat art after seeing a snake defeat a hawk, later discovering its health and fitness benefits.

Sanfeng's revolutionary internal power building techniques and promise of increased fighting ability attracted many students to him. Manchu officials encouraged the rivalry between the Wu Tang disciples and the Shaolin. After many clashes the more peaceful Shaolin monks left looking for areas of peace to live, study and teach. The Fukien Temple was eventually burned to the ground.

Shaolin monks moved to India and Southeast Asia. Some remained, posing as tradesmen, farmers and artists. Certain Shaolin monks started the infamous Triad Society, a group that began as political movement and later fell into criminal activities. Others settled on Ermei Mountain in Szechuan Province, an area that developed many martial styles.
I know you can see clearly where the "power" that Jeb Bush seeks to obtain lies. Note how the peaceful Shaolin temple was destroyed by a conspiritor who entered under false premises, took all the secrets and preverted them to the State, to serve against the People, to suppress and destroy them! This drove the Shaolin into the Darkness and they, too became part of the Evil. All Yang all the time.
Alas, to take the high spiritual powers of peace and love and to harness it to the Darkness, to drive across a carpet of corpses, to stand upon smoldering ruins holding thousands of innocent dead, crowing, did you see the anniversary ceremony at the WTC just before Bush goaded everyone into the illegal invasion of Iraq? Wow. It screamed "Black Magic".
Yes, I remember you warning everyone, and being mocked. We see this over and over. When Babs Bush said the family's favorite musician was a Black Sabbath practitioner and heavy drug abuser, everyone laughed. When the Bushes flash the sign of the devil at important time markers, everyone laughs and they giggle and say, they are doing the "longhorn" which is, alas, still an occult symbol. So typical of Texas, by the way.
It did amaze me, growing up, seeing how many adults around me were doing black magic spells even as they tried to laugh it all off, yet look at the history of Jack Parsons, the man who brought my father into the rocket community before WWII. He was part of a very real coven. He founded the Jet Propulsion Labs in Devil's canyon which is where he and my dad used to set off rockets in the late 1930's. He and I have some very unfortunate and obscure connections. *shudder*
He lost his top security clearance over that stuff. And then, after the Russians got hold of enough rocket data to scare DC into action, they took on Nazis and occultists to "save America" which they arming it with so many nuclear/hydrogen bombs and missiles, set on a hair trigger, they can kill every last human in one day! Amazing. Still, Americans trust these people. I cannot fathom it.
Yes, I raged about this all my life, since childhood. Thanks for helping me out. Just this last week, sneakily, Bush and his co-religionists snuck in a provision "allowing" them to use nukes preemptively on anyone who "is a danger to America". Shades of Doomsday!
The Chinese won't let them. They want the earth intact and their people alive. But then, rereading the history of the Shaolin Temple and you wonder. Can they do it?
Looks like the Chinese got America and North Korea to bury the hatchet. I suspect, this is because Bush had to beg for more loans thanks to Katrina. From Xinhuanet:
The six parties to the Korean Peninsula nuclear talks adopted a joint statement here on Monday, in which the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) promised to abandon all nuclear weapons and existing nuclear programs.

The statement says the DPRK is "committed to" abandoning "all nuclear weapons" and "existing nuclear programs" and returning, at an early date, to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons and to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) safeguards.

The United States affirmed in the document that it has no nuclear weapons on the Korean Peninsula and has no intention to attack or invade the DPRK with nuclear or conventional weapons.

The fourth round of the six-party talks was held in Beijing in two phases, from July 26 to August 7 and from September 13 to 19 respectively, involving China, the DPRK, the United States, the Republic of Korea (ROK), Russia and Japan. Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Wu Dawei chaired the talks.

The six parties held, in the spirit of mutual respect and equality, "serious" and "practical" talks concerning the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, says the joint statement.

The statement says the six parties agreed to take coordinated steps to implement their consensus in a phased manner in line with the principle of "commitment for commitment, action for action."

They also agreed to hold the fifth round of the six-party talks in Beijing in early November this year at a date to be determined through consultations.
Everything is going as I expected. The Chinese are the new rulers of the planet, they have secured all their borders and now have their greatest enemy on a very short leash. But they don't control everything, do they?
An old saying in my world: "If you keep a large, rabid dog on a short leash, you may die of rabies." This sense of control is very tenuous. America can still bring down the entire nuclear arsenal on everyone's heads. Mutual assured destruction doesn't work with demons.

This is, after all, their Master Plan! This is, after all, their Goal!
Yes, you warned me back in 1972 to "beware of the Fool with the Crown and the Sword," didn't you? I wish America would be afraid of this menace but alas, the usual things work as always, appeals to vanity and wealth and power overwhelm good sense and the voice of Angels. I note that many American churches are filled with people who want not only for Jesus to love them but to make them rich and powerful.
None of which passes through the Gates of Death. Only the soul may enter, naked. Not so much a scrap of paper, a pin, passes. They all worry about their immortal souls yet sell them in an instant for scraps of green paper. Sad, isn't it?
Which takes us back to the fate of the Shaolin Temple and the great loss there, the spiritual loss that still lies there. Thank you for your time, Watcher. Hope to see you again, I guess.
I am aware that you view me with mixed feelings. But what I do is what I have to do. That cannot change.

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