Wednesday, September 21, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

When I saw the hurricane name list back two weeks ago, it horrified me that "Rita" was one of the names for this is when we learned about the terrible tragedy in the St. Rita Nursing home. The people there drowned, alone and unaided in the end. A terrifying and bitter death. The pictures within that fatal building are nauseating and pathetic at the same time.

Now Rita is joined with the Destroyer and is bringing more destruction down upon us. Two catagory five hurricanes in the same body of water in less than three weeks is amazing. Usually, the energy stored in the water is dischared when a very powerful hurricane stirs up the ocean but not now. The Gulf waters are blazing hot and the sun just threw a goodly bit of energy at us for over a week, one blast after another, my computer was ruined with one of the blasts.

Sometimes there are too many coincidences. The fact that the hurricane has the name of the notorious death trap and is a death trap is...astronomically amazing. It makes one pause and wonder. Hubris. The Gods. Let's look at the history of St. Rita: From the Catholic Encyclopedia
Born at Rocca Porena in the Diocese of Spoleto, 1386; died at the Augustinian convent of Cascia, 1456. Feast, 22 May. Represented as holding roses, or roses and figs, and sometimes with a wound in her forehead.

According to the "Life" (Acta SS., May, V, 224) written at the time of her beatification by the Augustinian, Jacob Carelicci, from two older biographies, she was the daughter of parents advanced in years and distinguished for charity which merited them the surname of "Peacemakers of Jesus Christ". Rita's great desire was to become a nun, but, in obedience to the will of her parents, she, at the age of twelve, married a man extremely cruel and ill-tempered. For eighteen years she was a model wife and mother. When her husband was murdered she tried in vain to dissuade her twin sons from attempting to take revenge; she appealed to Heaven to prevent such a crime on their part, and they were taken away by death, reconciled to God. She applied for admission to the Augustinian convent at Cascia, but, being a widow, was refused. By continued entreaties, and, as is related, by Divine intervention, she gained admission, received the habit of the order and in due time her profession. As a religious she was an example for all, excelled in mortifications, and was widely known for the efficacy of her prayers.

Urban VIII, in 1637, permitted her Mass and Office. On account of the many miracles reported to have been wrought at her intercession she received in Spain the title of La Santa de los impossibiles. She was solemnly canonized 24 May, 1900.
Gaaaa. She prayed for her sons to die and then went off to live a saintly life! Urgggghhh. Shudder. The ancient Goddess Kali would love this woman to death.

She flailed herself and drew blood, a perfect mad woman. She beat herself. Tortured her own body.

How amazingly horrible. You see, many people worship Death. I don't know why, but they do. Then they express amazement when Death comes to collect them and haul them off. Bush worships the Devil that is Death. Note how successful he is, serving his particular entity.

Anyway, a scary lady and a scary hurricane. One problem with modern America is, many people have been migrating towards hurricane alley. They all want to live in the most dangerous places, absolutely live where living is most shaky, like California.

Unlike us hardier folk up north, expecting winter, preparing for winter and enduring winter, the south larks around, happy as a grasshopper until the inevitable hurricane/tornado/ whatever slams in, then they need to be rescued and everything fixed up again and each rebuilding is much more expensive that previous and more people move in and we see a spiral downwards, for we can't afford this endless game.

It is bankrupting us. If we lose two port cities and much of the oil pumping in the Gulf, we are collectively in deep doo-doo. And we already are overdrawing our accounts and what does Congress do?

Voted for more tax cuts. Which will help the upperclasses in the South but will mean we will bleed even more red ink, which will destroy all of America. This is insane as well as St. Ritianly impossible.
I pulled this picture off the NOAA webpage at sunset. The sun shone across the face of the following edge of the eye. I have seldom seen an eye this tightly wound. The clouds are moving so fast around it, they are stretched to the breaking point. No big lumps or castles in the air, they are shrieking along the short leash that pins them to the eye.
Never ever ever have I seen an infrared radar image of a hurricane with the heaviest rain so symetrical. Usually, it is ragged and lopsided, favoring the upper back side of the hurricane, the part that hit Mississippi so hard with Katrina.

This one is amazingly perfect, like the very tight eye. This means, the winds are not only terrific but uniform. A tremendously dangerous storm, I would suggest, much more so than Katrina, even.

All summer, I tracked stories about sea life dying in the Gulf. One day, on the west coast of Florida, residents watched millions of sea animals desperately running away from the Gulf, trying to reach the Atlantic. Crabs were climbing over fish who were shoving each other along with skates and sharks and porpoises all heading in the same direction: away from the northern and western shores of the Gulf.

Creatures still live within the bosom of Mother Nature. Unlike us, they can see disaster coming from afar. They know when to flee, desperation giving them wings.

My grandfather warned me about this. If you suddenly notice fish or ants or geese running around frantically, expect something bad to happen. They can tell.

&spades From the Association of State Floodplain Managers: A must read. A letter last January to Hastert begging him to not fold FEMA into Homeland Security and warning about neglecting flood control works and warns of things going wrong which have obviously happened now.

A must read.

Yesterday, Congress had a session discussing all these pesky catagory five hurricanes hitting us. They were all relieved to learn that global warming has nothing to do with this, this is "normal" (based on data gathered during the time greenhouse gases were already building up rapidly! Ha, of course, this is ignored!) for the oceans, our heatsink/bellweather, to occilate wildly over a 30 year time span.

So we will go on doing wrong what we are doing. Hail Venus, hothouse planet! Here we come!

The stock market is dropping. Oil prices are climbing world wide because we are going to suck up all that oil or else. No rationing for America, by gum! Prime those pumps! Like Cheney said, hang the hospitals (except his, he needs his hospital!) and get the energy flowing to the oil pumps.

I wonder if the media will show pictures of damaged oil rigs after this monumental hurricane blows through? Hahaha. Yeah, right.

That is scary. No one will attempt this, will they? We will see.

And note: China has been hit today with yet ANOTHER typhoon. Isn't that odd? Eh? Or is it normal. I don't think they think that.

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