Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Cartoon by Elaine Meinel Supkis

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Well, the old beat up sour puss of the Opus Dei Court has died and will be replaced by a sneering young prune faced man. Meanwhile, in California, the legislators passed the wonderful gay marriage long last! Extending normal civil rights to yet another minority even as minorities in New Orleans, and there are plenty of gays there too! As well as assorted ethnic and religious groups, in California at least, some people are finally being allowed to live normal lives without living within the narrow confines of religious bigotry.

Schwarzenegger just announced he will veto it. Why?

Seriously, does this serial adulterer in the serial adulterer party, the GOP which stands for "Grope or pester" party, is worried about his marriage collapsing if two gay guys can have a civil relationship? Huh? Do the marriages of the slimeballs in the GOP teeter so precariously that they need to forbid others the pleasures of matrimony simply because they can't stand being married, themselves?

Gads, look at the Bush family. The family that brings cooties together from across the planet! When the GOP tried to impeach Clinton for getting a blow job, I assumed it was because he got it for free, she even brought the pizza! And he didn't get any itchy brain draining diseases, to boot!

What puzzles me greatly is, what the hell difference does it make if two men or two women kiss and hold each other dear? Are they setting a bad example? Would an honorable marriage make those Potemkin marriages so dear to the GOP, moot?

Or are they tempted to do the same? Is this why so many of them seldom reproduce? Are pregnancies the times the males succeeded in getting it on? How on earth did Bush Senior get his bizarre partner with seed? By spitting them out from squeezed grapes?

And so the days pass and Schwarzenegger, after finishing his classes in "How to not be a total Ass" now will go back to starving his wife to death.

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