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By Elaine Meinel Supkis

This is a real magazine ad. Boeing commissioned it and it, like all other ads, was sent out with approval from someone and it sums up our mess today: we are in the Apocalypse which is a battle to the death between religions and Mother Nature, aka, the Four Horsemen. Remember, not all of them are "war"--one is famine and one is disease not to mention the parts about "heaven opening up", aka, storms.

From the Seattle Times:
"We consider the ad offensive, regret its publication and apologize to those who, like us, are dismayed with its contents," said Mary Foerster, a vice president of communication's for Boeing's military side.

Mike Cox, a Bell vice president, said the ad was developed by TM Advertising of Irving, Texas, and then initially released for publication by his company.

"The bottom line is that the [Bell] people who approved this didn't have authority to approve it," Cox said.
Texas, again. The right wing fundies there are very open about their lust for the "Rapture" and they are extremely obnoxious about their unique brand of "Christianity" which seems to be molded on the same model of the Spanish Inquisition and other moral horrors.
Note that even in our own, boastful ads, we are the demons who bring hell. The Muslims view us as demons and certainly our behavior is that of demented demons. From the Sunday Herald:
Torture of Iraqis was for ‘stress relief’, say US soldiers

By Neil Mackay, Investigations Editor

FOR the first time, American soldiers who personally tortured Iraqi prisoners have come forward to give testimony to human rights organisations about crimes they comm itted.
Three soldiers – a captain and two sergeants – from the 82nd Airborne Division stationed at Forward Operating Base (FOB) Mercury near Fallujah in Iraq have told Human Rights Watch how prisoners were tortured both as a form of stress relief and as a way of breaking them for interrogation sessions.

These latest revelations about the torture of Iraqi detainees come at a time when the Bush administration thought it could draw a line under the scandal of Abu Ghraib following last week’s imprisonment of Private Lynndie England for her now infamous role in the abuse of prisoners and the photographing of torture.

The 82nd Airborne soldiers at FOB Mercury earned the nickname “The Murderous Maniacs” from local Iraqis and took the moniker as a badge of honour.

The soldiers referred to their Iraqi captives as PUCs – persons under control – and used the expressions “f***ing a PUC” and “smoking a PUC” to refer respectively to torture and forced physical exertion.
Many of our troops use various neo-nazi death skull style emblems and designs. This is because we are proud of being brutal, vicious monsters and think the world admires this sort of entity. We make a big thing about being religious and I keep saying, our true religion is the worship of the Devil that is Death and his Executioners. Our Supreme Court is being filled with people who believe in executions and suspensions of our civil rights and no trials, no charges and the Genevea Conventions are this slipperly fluid mass that allows us to torture people.

This is America?

It is. 100%. This is Christianity/Zionism today. This is our true face.

Today, we are killing lots of villagers in Iraq in Operation Iron Fist. We cycled through the names of various ancient weapons like hammers and swords and spears and arrows. Now we are just blundgening them with our fists. Soon it will be Operation 10" Nails or Operation Super Hard False Teeth or Operation Steel Toupee.


Al Qaeda has struck again, as they wish, at will, whereever they want. Killing tourists in Bali who come there to carouse and misbehave and act outrageous, forgetting that Indonesia is not only mostly Muslim, they are the biggest Muslim community on earth and worse, are in turmoil not that Americans know about the country-wide riots this week, eh?

So Bush, pumped up from destroying New Orleans, is ready to try to dragoon the world into the Apocalypic battles he has prepared. From the Herald Sun:
PRESIDENT George W. Bush will attempt to rally Americans wavering on Iraq with a speech which his senior aides have said will be "significant".

Faced with raging violence in Iraq, a US death toll fast approaching 2,000 troops and rising domestic angst over the course of the war, the Bush national security team is telling Americans that now is not the time to quit.
They compare post-Saddam Hussein Iraq to failed-state Afghanistan, an anarchic swamp where terrorism found a home, and Al-Qaeda plotted the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.

Bush aides have argued for months it is better to fight the "terrorists" like Al-Qaeda's Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, in Iraq, than on American streets after fresh devastating terror attacks in Iraq this past week.

The administration is now bolstering that warning by fleshing out what they see as the perils in leaving before enough Iraqi troops can be trained to enforce security.
His only significant speech can be, "I resign." Sigh. But this babbling baboonic bubble boy will tell us to tighten our belts, suck it up and go off to die in Iraq for him and his daughters who will help us by sneering at us in unison along with Church dignitaries. Why aren't these clowns fighting their lovely war? Eh?
"If we quit now, we will abandon Iraq's democrats at the time of greatest need," Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said in a major speech on Friday at Princeton University.
Women older than Condi have died fighting in Iraq. Why can't this pernacious pipsqueak of a woman go? She can fight in high heel boots. So can the twins.

Besides, the Republicans hate democrats! And they hate voting, too. Not to mention the law, the Geneva Conventions and the Bible above all. They hate all of this with great relish, being satanists.
A Newsweek poll released on Saturday pegged Mr Bush's approval rating at a low 40 per cent over public displeasure with the government's response to recent hurricanes and its handling of Iraq.

Sixty-two per cent said they disapproved of the president's handling of the Iraq conflict, up from 60 per cent in a previous Newsweek poll.

Beset by such numbers, the White House has also cranked up a campaign to convince Americans they are winning the war.

"Americans need to know about the gains we've made in recent weeks and months," President Bush said on Wednesday, pleading with members of Congress to pass on evidence of success to their constituents after briefings with his top generals.
So, we are winning. As my photo essay showed, boy, are we ever winning. Why don't all those GOP spawns and their bratty parents go there themselves and relocate in their favorite country? After all, there are over half a million Americans who need good homes and all those McMansions need to be emptied out and filled with Americans who want to live here, not spend all our tax money in Iraq.

I would say, this could be a real rip-roaring program! "Move to Iraq and donate YOUR home to the hurricane homeless!" Super patriotic, no?

Lastly, here is this interesting news that is a last paragraph and not a headline, as per usual in this cluster-fuck media/religious war:
Al-Qaeda's branch in Iraq said in an Internet statement that it had abducted two US marines involved in the offensive and threatened to kill them unless US forces release Sunni Muslim female prisoners within 24 hours.
Um, they have been pissed about this for several days now. I posted a picture about this. No news here about this, like the hunger strike at Gitmo, it is not in the interests of certain people who hate Muslims to publish news like this, certainly not the NYT who can barely bring themselves to utter "AIPAC" and "traitor" in the same universe.

But here it is! We wanted this, we got this. Al Qaeda's training camps are in Iraq, they are on the move, they are winning, they are all over the planet and so far....bin Laden is winning this campaign, hands down, 100%. How Bush will explain this in his stuttering, stupid speech, will be nothing but more amusement to Osama. The attempts to kill him by making him laugh to death continue.

It should be outlawed by the Geneva Conventions.

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