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By Elaine Meinel Supkis

From the Bayou Buzz:
According to Franklin Graham, the son of evangelist, Billy Graham, “"There´s been Satanic worship in New Orleans. There´s been sexual perversion. God is going to use that storm to bring a revival. God has a plan. God has a purpose."
Time to examine the utterly dark, central issue in America today: how satanism has competely taken over much of our religious community.

This take over has been a complete victory thanks to the mainstream media overlords and their many slaves called "reporters". This active conspiracy is exactly that: a conspiracy done deliberately for nefarious reasons. Namely, to enslave humanity and to elevate themselves eventually into gods. The ruling elite encourages this, nay, founded the main institutions for this deliberately. I know, my own family is at the heart of this, we are some of the founders.

Billy Graham, friends of all the Presidents but disliking the real Christian, President Carter, probably hates Carter, has this thoroughly evil son who looks evil, even. This son grew up watching his evil father service powerful people and now is taking over only he is over the top, not any of this honey gloss daddy poured over everyone.

His attack on the good people of New Orleans is another aspect of satanism. Namely, you pick out someone utterly innocent and then attack them for being satanic while waving a cross at them. The Spanish Inquisition was great at doing this. They were horrible satanists.

Note that devil worshipper Grahams like Franklin don't ever talk about the Skull and Bones or the mystic Owl rituals at the Bohemian Grove rituals which they have attended, both of them, bowing to the Great Owl themselves, for years. Nope. They are silent about all this stuff. Bush openly flashes the sign of the devil and silence from the "Christian" ranks is amazing to hear.

How many Americans know that April 15th is the High Unholy Day for the Skull and Bones at Yale? And why was that day chosen as the day for us all to pay taxes? Hmm? Ever wonder? The magic spell is strengthened when many Americans every year line up until midnight, to pay tribute to the Real Rulers. The Skull and Bones people love this. It makes them feel particularily powerful as they do their rituals to call upon a powerful entity known as "the Devil that is Death, Death that is Death". They swear their puny souls to this entity!

I drew this picture of Bush's invocation of this entity to make it more real, just look at it. Bush made a deal that night at midnight, he lay in a coffin and had to "open his soul" to the Entity which means he fell into the Outer Darkness and met the actual being who is connected to grave robbing and stealing in general. He then bonded with It. It told him all he had to do was help It kill people. He agreed. Being a drunk and a coward, he chose, unlike Kerry, to do it by proxy. The Entity thinks this is way cool. This is why It wanted Bush to marry Laura. She has actual blood on her dainty hands and thus is a perfect mate for him. She evidently feels no guilt in running over her former boyfriend. A perfect Lady MacBeth.

On the left, rationalists refuse to understand the importance of examining the real religion of the right wing. Even when Hitler made his satanic ritualistic stuff obvious with his swatstika emblem, people in Germany refused to understand its importance or meaning. So it is, here. LIke the Nazis, the satanic origins and many threads that bind together "normal" religions to the Dark Side are ignored by the natives who should know better. I have been castigated by other liberal writers over this very topic. Either they yell, "I don't believe you," or they yell, 'It doesn't matter!"

But it matters a great deal. Just like watching the press whitewash Nazi tool, Ratzinger, so they white wash the Skull and Bones and ignore that freaky pyramid on our money, the glaring Eye. Doesn't it look cute in my picture? Gack. Worshipping money=worshipping death. Ask Jesus.
From Yahoo news:
New Chief Justice John Roberts stepped forward Wednesday as an aggressive defender of federal authority to block doctor-assisted suicide, as the Supreme Court clashed over an Oregon law that lets doctors help terminally ill patients end their lives.

The justices will decide if the federal government, not states, has the final say on the life-or-death issue.

It was a wrenching debate for a court touched personally by illness. Roberts replaced William H. Rehnquist, who died a month ago after battling cancer for nearly a year. Three justices have had cancer and a fourth has a spouse who counsels children with untreatable cancer.
We have to petition our satanic ritualist overlords for how we die. Or are born, for that matter. They love granting us the right to die but only on their terms. Namely, they will "forbid" it while doing it to us capriciously, aka the Nazis. Namely, the Nazis talked about being fit, in good health and happy families while murdering the sick, the lame and Jews. The Nazis were big satanists. Note how Nazi-like our right wing is!

O'Reilly has joined the top GOP ministers in calling for the assassination of other world leaders, for example, and just this week, accused our military of the crime of murdering prisoners of war during WWII but cited as proof, a Nazi massacre of American prisoners! And why is this clown still on TV? Huh?

The satanic ritualists love this sort of widdershins work. When Bush babbles like a total idiot, even going so far as to make everything in a speech a trick negative like saying, "Like bin Laden, I too, think every day how to harm America," and Americans not only don't immediately call for Bush's impeachement just for that statement alone, everyone snoozes along. Whoopee. Then again and again, we have proof of his perfidy as he obviously enjoys watching us scream and die horrible deaths, no one revisits the many remarks he has made in the past about how he wants to destroy us, most accept the notion that he "misspeaks" only he does it ONLY on key issues, key words, all having to do with destroying America.

Books have been written trying to explain this. Some think he is merely a psychopath. Others think he has a speech defect. Others wonder if this is due to brain damage or drinking.

Well, it would show up randomly if that were so! But it doesn't! It shows up the same way his smirk crawls like a spider across his face when he "comforts" people or stands on the ashes of thousands of dead office workers.

Now he is placing a woman attached to that satanic ritual murder on the Supreme Court. She belongs to a church that worships hate in Texas. She is part of the conspiracy to allow or enable...Operation ENable attack on the World Trade Center, aka, the Tower card in the Tarot.

Just for this alone, she should not only be barred from the top court, she should be arrested. Along with all of Bush's staff that met that day including Shoeless Condi. They are all criminals! So why aren't they being arrested?

When I first heard Condi's testimony before the 9/11 Commission, I was floored. Here is the obvious "smoking gun"! Why weren't they calling for inditments? Why didn't they do anything? Why did they decide Bush and Cheney should not be under oath nor heard by the American people?

Did the entire commission sit with that Devil Duo and chant "The Executioner is Death, the Devil is Death, Death is Death! All hail Satan!"? Why were they not utterly outraged? Why weren't the American people outraged? Bush "won" an "election" against a fellow devil worshipper after this information was revealed. One can only assume many Americans approve of the attacks, wanted the attacks, are happy with the results of the attacks.

From the Washington Post:
CIA Director Porter J. Goss said today he has decided not to pursue disciplinary action against any CIA officers over failures associated with the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

In a statement released by the agency, Goss noted that a voluminous report issued this summer by CIA Inspector General John L. Helgerson in no way suggests "that any one person or group of people could have prevented" the attacks.
Note there will be no outcry from this latest news. The CIA who drew up the August 6th memo were "to blame" according to Bush and his fellow satanists but why punish them? Only punish whistle blowers. There is no outcry from the media mavens, from anyone. I am outraged. But only on the far left is there any rage at all. People tell us, people connected with this nest of satanists, that huge conspiracies can never happen.

Well, they do and they have. This is why Nazis were able to flourish in Germany, for example.

You would think that the downside to praying to the Devil that is Death is obvious. This Devil always gets his due, anyway, so why elevate It? We all die. We all have to pass this Entity. This Devil happens to be Mother Nature's other face. She creates life and she delivers death. Even those Bristle Pine trees that live for thousands of years, these patient, wizzened creatures still die in the end. We all do.

The reason satanists worship the Death side of Mother Nature is so they can have temporary powers over other living things and to use this to either threaten or actually kill. This makes them feel as powerful as Her. She, on the other hand, kills them. But in the meanwhile, they can reap the benefits of theft of life.

A lot of people don't like to hear this, but over eating is part of this scheme. Namely, people who eat massive amounts of living things to either throw it up again or get grossly fat, are doing what the satanists do, consuming life and turning it into something very ugly. Our culture is now a machine to grind up the living ecosystem of the planet and turn it into a mall parking lot. Our appetites and actions are destroying the air, the water, the very lands themselves and Mother Nature now is on a rampage that we released by our own desire to consume all living things: retaliation is here, not because of gay love, not because of dancing or singing or enjoying sex, She is on a rampage against our consuming this planet and turning it into a dead cinder.

From the NYT:
Two teams of federal and university scientists announced today that they had resurrected the 1918 influenza virus, the cause of one of history's most deadly epidemics, and had found that unlike the viruses that caused more recent flu pandemics of 1957 and 1968, the 1918 virus was actually a bird flu that jumped directly to humans.

The work, being published in the journals Nature and Science, involved getting the complete genetic sequence of the 1918 virus, using techniques of molecular biology to synthesize it, and then using it to infect mice and human lung cells in a specially equipped, secure lab at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.
Mother Nature can be very heartless. She will patiently construct an ecosystem, it can be beautifully balanced, delicately, all the living parts interact with each other and the planet to thrive. But let any part of this fail or swing out of control and all hell breaks loose.

In our case, we have literally taken over virtually all ecosystems and are crashing them.

From the NYT:
Geologists date this sandstone to 550 million years ago and explain the folding as a result of pressure from shifting faults underneath. But to Mr. Vail, the folds suggest the Grand Canyon was carved 4,500 years ago by the great global flood described in Genesis as God's punishment for humanity's sin.

"You see any cracks in that?" he asked. "Instead of bending like that, it should have cracked." The material "had to be soft" to bend, Mr. Vail said, imagining its formation in the flood. When somebody suggested that pressure over time could create plasticity in the rocks, Mr. Vail said, "That's just a theory."
The satanic Christians need to "believe" this stupid story which isn't really in the Bible since it doesn't define what a "day" is in Hebrew in the first place, is due entirely to the desire to attack living things and consume them because a deliberate misreading of the Bible gives humans permission to consume all living things and spit it out as fecal matter.

The founders of Christianity didn't believe this. They renounced wealth and eating like a pig, indeed, the vomitoriums repelled them and the consuming of living things just to consume and show off disgusted early Christians who believed in sharing and denial. This revives occasionally like with St. Francis, for example. More than one Princess from a royal family, before 1300, starved herself to death in a convent, adoring Jesus all the while.

The first burnings at the stake and inquisitions began in 1250 and escalated as the satanic ritualists took over the Vatican and turned it into the enforcement arm of the ruling class. Even today, especially today, the Vatican squats like a blackwidow spider at the heart of Christianity and has joined forces with American evangelicals praying to the same Devil that is Death, praying for the Apocalypse!

Just like the dark heart of American evangelicism lies slavery and racism, madness and raping children, the Catholic Church protected child rapists, too. As a child who was raped, I assure you, this still astonishes me how people still trust these various religious institutions. How can they? Did Jesus? Heh.

The spiritual quest is fairly simple. You have to stop consuming everything in sight and focus on reality which is painful but fruitful because once one does this, doing the right thing becomes vastly easier.

We don't want to do this, do we? It is much more fun to worship the Devil that is Death.

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