Monday, November 07, 2005

Vatican Beatifies Fascist Woman Who Had Frequent Sex

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Today, Ratzi the Nazi had one of his Opus Dei bishops beatify a fascist woman who had frequent sex at the behest of Moussolini. Actually, she was a farm woman who copulated like all the animals around her, producing children for imperialist wars. Kinder, Kuchen, Kirche indeed. Why don't those men in the Vatican make babies if it is this important, eh?
From Yahoo:
An Italian mother who raised 11 children moved ahead on the road to possible sainthood Sunday amid a Vatican campaign in favor of large families.

Eurosia Fabris, known as "Mamma Rosa," raised two children whose mother died while they were little, then married their father and had nine children with him.

The virtues of Fabris, who died in 1932, were honored Sunday in a beatification ceremony in Vicenza, near her native farming village in northern Italy. Beatification is the last formal step before possible sainthood.

On Wednesday, Pope Benedict XVI praised large families and called for countries to approve legislation and other incentives to help them. The pontiff has said there is no future without children.

Presiding over the ceremony in Vicenza's cathedral was Cardinal Jose Maria Saraiva Martins, who heads the Vatican office overseeing the process for sainthood.
Up until the fascist take over of the Vatican, women who had lots of sex were evil. Yes, evil. The sex was accepted as inevitable in the case of weaker wills but the ideal was to be "pure" and to give oneself only to Jesus and so on. But when the fascistii took over Italy and then Germany, the satanic ritualists running those countries told the Catholic Church they would enforce birth control bans very rigorously. They needed many babies to recolonize the rest of the planet so they could scream "Lebensraum" as an excuse to exterminate "lesser" peoples especially Jews and the good fascist woman would then mass produce babies to fill in the chasm created by the extermination of the unwanted people.
Fabris, who was born in 1866, was described as being deeply religious from her childhood. Besides the 11 children she raised, Fabris welcomed other children in need into her home. Three of her children became priests and another child became a nun.
So, her kids became part of the Church...Why doesn't the Pope and his band of sexless old men just make all their moms saints? Hell, my mother had seven children and one became a minister, she certainly wanted to be loved a lot. This is how I was popped into the world. She had sex. A lot. Frequently, in fact.

I had kids too. It was hard work which is why it is called "labor". Many European women in the 1800s produced many babies which is why so many Italians are in America today---they couldn't get work in Italy so they had to flee! The capitalists in America wanted workers cheap so they allowed this flood of baby-popping European peasants into America to drive down wages and do dangerous industrial and farm work and die young, to be replaced with more children from those busy peasant women in Europe, having frequent unprotected sex.

The fascist pope wants more babies. The earth is way overpopulated so of course, he wants Catholics to reproduce like rabbits so they can do the "lebensraum" stuff again, killing noncatholics so they can take over more planetary resources. Sieg Heil, Ratzi!

Meanwhile, Bush is trying to stuff the Supreme Court with Opus Dei clones who will force us to have babies so we will have to ship them all over the planet, killing people for lebensraum and world resources. On top of this, Bush and his religious bigot buddies are cutting the social safety net to shreds and standing around, watching passively as thousands of Americans die in storms and plagues and terrorist attacks. Isn't that a nice? Well, welcome to Sieg Heilland. Gott mit uns.

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