Monday, December 26, 2005

Happy Hannuka and Remembering the Quarter Million Dead This Anniversary

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

This week, the Hannuka candles are lit in many homes including that of my own family. And this is the anniversary of the Boxing Day Quake. A quarter million people were swept away suddenly. Today, we pray for them and for all those people who have died this year, there are so many, so very many, let us remember them if only for a little bit. The Gates of Death will be all our destination, too, eventually.

From the BBC:
"I think you need to come back," Swedish survivor Pigge Werkelin, who lost his two young sons and his wife in the disaster, told Reuters news agency.

"You need to go to the beach, you have to see children on the beach, you have to see everything... I must do it and then afterward I can put it behind me."
The pain of loss is on many levels. Such as this person, when you lose the one you choose to love, it causes a hole in the heart which remains there no matter how hidden. I know, my grandfather's first love, she died before they could consumate the marriage. He married my grandmother and never talked about the previous love until his last days when Elizabeth was much on his mind. He thought I was her, often times, and talked to me as if nothing had ever happened.

The loss of children is a whole different dimension. There is considerable rage attached to losing one's child. I can only imagine what it feels like, I have children. When my son was born, I nearly died. What did I say to the doctors? "Don't let anything happen to my baby, don't worry about me."

Parents throw themselves into incredible danger to save their children. This fall, when our area was hit by sudden floods, two children were swept away by the raging waters and the stepfather threw himself in to save them and they all drowned.

This is love on a heroic scale. And everyone is a hero, whether we care for a loved elderly person or a child, the patient work or the sudden rush to danger, this need to save the ones we love, nay, the desire to save even total strangers, this is what makes humanity worth loving and is why we must ask all our gods of whoever they think they are, to show us some mercy.

And for us to love the mother of all mothers, the number one in our extended family: Mother Earth. For She is of uttermost importance. If we take care of Her and show Her respect and love, She will try Her best to be gentle with us, in return.
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