Thursday, December 08, 2005

Mega Churches Close Christmas Sunday To Stay Home for Pagan Parties

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Christmas had zero to do with giving yourself and your immediate family presents unless one is an unreformed pagan celebrating Saturnalia. Even they didn't do it this way, the slaves were allowed to pretend to be masters on Saturnalia, for example, and Christians used this time to hand out alms to the poor. Today, we learn that a number of Mega Churches aren't even going to open on Sunday so they can stay home and perform various neo-paganistic rites of gluttony and self indulgence. This is how they are fighting Jesus!

From Yahoo:
This Christmas, no prayers will be said in several megachurches around the country. Even though the holiday falls this year on a Sunday, when churches normally host thousands for worship, pastors are canceling services, anticipating low attendance on what they call a family day.

Critics within the evangelical community, more accustomed to doing battle with department stores and public schools over keeping religion in Christmas, are stunned by the shutdown.

It is almost unheard of for a Christian church to cancel services on a Sunday, and opponents of the closures are accusing these congregations of bowing to secular culture.

"This is a consumer mentality at work: `Let's not impose the church on people. Let's not make church in any way inconvenient,'" said David Wells, professor of history and systematic theology at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, a leading evangelical school in Hamilton, Mass. "I think what this does is feed into the individualism that is found throughout American culture, where everyone does their own thing."
It is much worse. It is exactly what the entire Jesus business isn't about: self indulgence. The same howlers who attend these heretical houses of worship are the same people leaning on us to harrass and discriminate against gays, hate Muslims and despise all other religions, they are working day and night to make us uncomfortable and unhappy because we won't worship the bizarre antichrist they all kneel in front of every week except Christmas Sunday.

It is telling that the hordes of fake Christians boycott their own churches on the High Holy Days. I remember how we did it in the Luthern Church: nighttime services on Christmas Eve, our parents sternly telling us there is no Santa Claus, then Christmas morning, well, Lutherns didn't do the gift opening that morning. You EXCHANGED gifts the night before, long before that old pagan, Santa Claus, supposedly magically appeared. And when exchanging, you give thanks, more, you must give at least as much to the poor, and believe me, we did that in spades.

"Jesus and his mother and father were homeless," my mother would say before sweeping out of the house with baskets of food and clothing and toys for poor children. In my mind to this day, she is the true Santa Claus!

The entire Christian religion is going through one of its usual antichristian moments. Always, when claiming to be moved by Jesus, this coincides with murderous rampages like the Crusades or the Reformation/Inquisition mess that killed nearly a third of the people in Central Europe, or the spreading of Christianity in the New World which ended up killing 90% of the natives on way or another! A bloody mess.

Very unchristian. So just remember: they are all fakers. They really hate Jesus as much as they hate any liberals who talk about feeding the poor, healing the sick or helping the lame. These people are the first to work Tiny Tim's dad in China to death just so they can buy cheap toys for their own children.

Bah, humbug. Pass the Wasshail and drink hearty!

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