Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Winter Solstice Madness: Bush Fends Off Impeachment Talk While Saddam Imitates Bush's Fake Piety

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The illegal and capricious spying on innocent Americans practicing their First Amendment rights is causing Bush endless headaches. His hit squad of right wing TV and print squawkers are busy yelling that this was neccessary to protect America from Vegans and little old Quaker ladies. Meanwhile, Saddam rips a page from the Bush satanic playbook and is pretending to be pious.

From Yahoo:

A noticeably calmer Saddam Hussein sat quietly in his defendant's chair at the resumption of his trial Wednesday, two weeks after he called the court "unjust" and boycotted a session. When the judge refused to let him take a break to pray, the former leader closed his eyes and appeared to pray from his seat.
Saddam is a much better actor than Bush. Bush has a very hard time sitting still in a church or at funerals. I have watched him crane his head as he looks all around, seeking something distracting to focus on, hoping for bananas, I assume. He squinches up his face when pretending to pray. At solemn occassions he smirks inappropriately. The full force of his right wing buddies in the media have to be applied to make him appear pious. These same idiots spend a lot of time attacking real Christians like President Carter. His piety annoyed Americans because it is sincere.

Humans absolutely love fake piety which is why this is the one thing that irritated Jesus the most and why the rich and the pretend pious, especially if they were both, were the ones doomed to hell.

Meanwhile, back at the homefront stormfront, Rumsfeld broke the ironclad Bush rule of never speaking about bin Laden, old family buddy. From Yahoo:
Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden may no longer be able to run the militant network and has not been heard from for nearly a year, U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said on Wednesday.
Um, the last time old bin spoke was just before the election where he taunted us to reinstall Bush and was looking forward to Bush bungling for four more years. I am assuming he laughed himself to death when we meekly obeyed and reinstalled the world's most inept leader.
Rumsfeld's comments echoed earlier assessments by the U.S. ambassador to Pakistan, Ryan Crocker, but contradicted the assertion of al Qaeda's deputy leader, Ayman al-Zawahri, in a video interview this month that bin Laden's battle against the West was only just beginning.
Since al Qaeda has been a busy little bee for rather a while and seems pretty unstoppable despite every despot in the world focusing on stopping it, I wouldn't be crowing about bin Laden's silence. What does he have to say to anyone? "Bwahahaha"? Seriously. He has achieved a great thing: he is much bigger than he actually is, namely, he is now a symbol of anti-Americanism and that force is flowing stronger and stronger each day.

We should never forget bin Laden's ultimate game stategy: to tangle America up in a thousand small actions in Muslim lands whereby we must kill religious people with impunity and thus, by forcing us to spend an extra $200+ billion a year on security and an extra $200 billion for the Pentagon which, according to his and my calculations, will bankrupt us in about 5 more lousy years, and voila!

No more American empire. Note how swiftly Russia had to shrink when they went bankrupt! They not only lost all their provinces, Russia itself began to shatter! They are still fighting raging civil wars there.

Since both Rumsfeld and Bush seem to be operating as agents of the bin Laden bankruptcy plans aided and abetted by American capitalists and financiers in Asia, one is very puzzled about this "war on terror." Once the villain announces his nefarious plot, isn't one supposed to use that information to avoid falling into said villain's snares? So why are all our leaders falling into bin Laden's obvious trap?

Smells like traitors, doesn't it? Looting the treasury during wartime is, to me, the ultimate treason. Arrest them all. Sigh.

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