Friday, May 27, 2005

FIRST SUMMER STORM First summer rainbow

Have a good Memorial Day Weekend and don't forget why we have this holiday. Anyway, Mother Nature sent us a gift this afternoon: our first thunderstorm this year.

Just like in real life, it gets very dark and lightning flashes, the thunder rolls.
But it is late afternoon and under the skirts of the storm, the sun peeks through and shines on the trees on the low mountains.
And a rainbow appears, even as the lightning still flashes further away, the rainbow grows brighter and soon arcs across the sky and the birds begin to sing again and the trees glow, each leaf alight. This is Nature. Fearful yet beautiful. Life springing anew.

Monday, May 23, 2005


Years ago I learned all about the Bush family and their bizarre interaction with the Skull and Bones fraternity/cult at Yale. This strange "fraternity" is the breeding ground of not only America's ruling class but also the spook world. The activities of this cult/fraternity are swathed in darkness. When two members of this cult/conspiracy/fraternity ran against each other for President, both refused to divulge even the stupidest facts about this bizarre, powerful group.

Bush pretended they didn't exist and pretended to be surprised to hear it was still running strong at Yale---even after he invited them all to the WH to celebrate his Supreme Court victory! The press didn't note this.

Kerry refused to even answer a single question. He pretened there was no magical number of any combination of 322 or 332 or whatever.

Both men refused to talk about stolen skulls or what that might mean or discuss the illegality of grave robbing. Much less condemn this.

The Bush family is famous online now for this business. I am partially responsible for this because I am personally outraged by this whole matter for, you see, one of my ancestors was involved in setting up the Skull and Bones and beginning the grave robbing schemes. And trust me when I tell you this, he didn't do this as a "prank". He did it for religious reasons.

Namely, to do black magic.

Many people poo poo this stuff claiming it is all college pranks done by cute youth who don't know that it might be wrong to worship the Devil and kiss skulls and do various interesting rituals. Hahaha. Yup. These same folk yell all the time about how we have to love Jesus and follow the Pope and Hallelujia Protestant anti Darwinists. Bush himself makes a big to-do about his being a "Christian".

But this family has a thing about skulls. When the Apaches learned that Prescott Bush stole Geronimo's skull, they asked John McCain to intervene and get it back. Prescott Jr. gave McCain a skull which the University of Arizona examined and said it was a child's skull, not Geronimo's. So McCain took it back and it dissappeared in the maw of the Bush family skull collection. What? I wrote many letters complaining about this. Who was the child? Where did they get the skull? Shouldn't tests be run on it? Was the child murdered?

So much for America's CSI! No one seemed to be interested in this matter except for me, it seems.

The Apaches never got the skull but to quiet them, Bush visited and gave out Federal monies. Meanwhile, the cult in Yale claims there are no skulls there. Of course, this being America, not one cop showed up to search the crypt at Yale to see if they are lying. Naturally. And Yale's President didn't pull their charter and forbid their activities. What is a little grave robbing between frat brothers?

Kerry didn't say a peep about any of this. Trust me, I tried to get him to.

Sources say (to paraphrase the NYT and WP's favorite phrase) that Geronimo's skull resides at the Bush compound in Texas. We can't divulge how we know this, we just...know this.

To continue, proof that Bush likes to play with necromancing, namely using dead body parts for magic, comes up yet again with this astonishing news story that everyone poo pooed as "funny, hahaha". Russert, interveiwing Mr. Schroen of the CIA last week:
MR. SCHROEN: To some extent. Bin Laden is isolated, but I believe that he is able to still influence and communicate with his organization. It's true that terrorism has been globalized now in a way after 9/11 that's significant. But bin Laden remains a critical figure for us to focus on and to capture.

MR. RUSSERT: And direct the operation?

MR. SCHROEN: I don't know if he is actually directing it, but his spiritual guidance and his encouragement certainly adds emphasis to attacks around the world and groups around the world operating against us.

MR. RUSSERT: On September 1, 2001, you began a 90-day phaseout retiring from the CIA. Then came the horrific day of 8:46 AM, September 11, 2001. All our lives changed. You were asked to stay on at the CIA. On September 13th, you were summoned to the office of Cofer Black, the head of counterterrorism for the CIA. What did he tell you? What was your mission?

MR. SCHROEN: The mission was to--the first part of it was to go in and link up with the Northern Alliance, formerly headed by Ahmed Al-Massoud, and to win their confidence and their agreement to cooperate militarily with us. They were the only armed force on the ground in Afghanistan opposing the Taliban. The second part of it was, once the Taliban were broken, to attack the al-Qaeda organization, find bin Laden and his senior lieutenants and kill them.

MR. RUSSERT: Kill them?

MR. SCHROEN: Kill them.

MR. RUSSERT: Wasn't it illegal for us to kill foreign leaders?

MR. SCHROEN: I don't think at that point that the--I think the administration had gotten to the point where bin Laden and his guys were fair game.

MR. RUSSERT: As part of war?

MR. SCHROEN: As part of war.

MR. RUSSERT: Mr. Black gave you specific instructions on what he wanted you to bring home.

MR. SCHROEN: That's true. He did ask that once we got bin Laden and killed him, that we send his head back in a cardboard box on dry ice so that he could take it down and show the president.

MR. RUSSERT: Where would you find the dry ice in Afghanistan?

MR. SCHROEN: That's what I mentioned to him. I said, "Cofer, I think that I can come up with pikes to put the heads of the lieutenants on," which is the second part of what he wanted done. "Dry ice, we'll have to improvise."

MR. RUSSERT: Why couldn't you find bin Laden?
The mythology of the Skull and Bones is to worship the skulls of those who killed Americans, who had religioius magical powers and who were magicians of a sort, themselves. This way the Skull and Bones can "plug into" the powers of darkness that these historic people controlled. "Big Juju" so to speak. This is akin to the beliefs of Voodooism which was a big fad in upper class families back 200 years ago thanks to their children being raised by slaves.

This Voodoo stuff has transmutated but it is most astonishing that Bush can get away with pretending to be a Christian while openly persuing his favorite hobby of collecting the skulls of leaders of rebellions against American imperialism. The fact that he wanted bin Laden's head is very troubling. One should think Congress should have hearings about this. Forget Galloway's supposed cooperation with Saddam, what about Bush's cooperation with Satan?

Saturday, May 21, 2005


The billowing waves of propaganda that spewed out of the Pope's grave continues unabated as the press tries to make the Holy Inquisitor in Chief look good and pander to Catholics who still go to church, which is no longer the majority if one peeks inside actual churches.

The latest salvo is Bush pandering as usual.
President Bush praised Pope Benedict XVI and "the Catholic contribution to American freedom" yesterday at a Catholic prayer breakfast, an event emblematic of the rising clout of religious groups in the nation's capital.

Modeled on the Protestant-led congressional prayer breakfast that has been held each February for more than half a century, the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast is in its second year. It attracted 1,600 people, 14 members of Congress and the president to a packed hotel ballroom where waiters in black tie served scrambled eggs to activists who wore sweat shirts that read "You can't be Catholic and pro-abortion."
This is the Inquisitor-in-Chief's big thing this time around as he meddles freely in our private affairs. It never ceases to amaze me how people who laud freedom seem to be endlessly plotting to restrict my civil rights. As we fight for "freedom" and "democracy" overseas these same people remove them here at home. We want real elections! With real vote counting!

This freedom loving Church is busy kicking people out for not conforming to Ratzi the lover of Freedom if they don't hew to his line.
When former New York mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani receives an honorary degree this morning from Loyola College in Maryland and speaks at the Catholic school's 153rd commencement in Baltimore, the city's archbishop and his representatives won't be there.

Never mind that Cardinal William H. Keeler does not ordinarily attend the college's annual spring exercises. And never mind that Keeler was not formally invited to this year's event. As the local guardian of Roman Catholic doctrine, the archbishop of Baltimore felt compelled this week to express his views on an occasion featuring a Republican politician known for supporting abortion rights.

"May I state," Keeler wrote to Loyola's interim president, David Haddad, in a letter dated Wednesday and posted yesterday on the archdiocese's Web site, "that there will be no representative of the Archdiocese participating in any event honoring former Mayor Giuliani. I am confident that, by now, you understand many of the consequences that spring from an invitation having been extended to former Mayor Giuliani to receive an honorary degree at Loyola. May the Lord make of this event a teaching moment for many."
Dear God! The teaching moment seems to be "no one expects the German Inquisition!" As the Church Inquisitor-in-Chief tries to use all his minions to enforce Church doctrine upon all Catholics trying to turn our free nation into a Taliban replica, all one can say is, "Seperation of Church and State". Obviously, no one in the various "faiths" can be real Americans since they are all, Jewish or Protestant or Catholic or whatever, are being told that their religion trumps their citizenship to America. Imposing their own religious bigotry upon our nation which is made up of many religions means they are swearing allegiance to the flag, they are beholden to something else. Maybe this is why they all seem so been on the "One nation under GOD" stuff. They aren't swearing to support America or the Constitution but rather their own cults.

Cults are very dangerous to states. The Catholic cult, for example, is now sworn to obey a former Nazi who is a right winger living in another country. He is not an American. The American cults like the Baptists who want people to only support the GOP are equally bad in that they divide America. The entire point of citizenship is to unite across class and ethnic lines, not divide and conquer.

On top of this rank attempt by Bush to cultivate antifeminists in the Churchalong comes his ditzy wife, Laura, telling Muslims to liberate their women!
One of the White House's more popular envoys to the outside world, the first lady started her solo diplomatic mission on Friday by talking frankly about America's serious image problems here, singling out abuses at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

At the World Economic Forum on Saturday, Laura Bush stuck more closely to the administration's message of hope, citing elections in Afghanistan and Iraq, a newly elected president for Palestinians, and women being given voting rights in Kuwait.

"Women who have not yet won these rights are watching," the first lady told a conference room on the shore of the Dead Sea. "Freedom, especially freedom for women, is more than the absence of oppression," she said. "It's the right to speak and vote and worship freely. Human rights requires the rights of women."
Whoopee. Women in Kuwait get rights but women here in America don't? The Pope doesn't care about Kuwait but Laura's husband is willing to help him Kuchen, Kirche und Kinder us here in America?

And the CNN story does mention the glaring problem of super women suppressing nation, Saudi Arabia. Laura says nothiing about that place. Evidently, the kissing and hugging of Saudi rich men means they get a green light to oppress and humilate women. We noticed this before. When invading Afghanistan, American propaganda made a big thing about freeing the Afghani women who are, as far as we can see, not free at all. The Soviets freed them much more. Back then, under the communists, women could hold jobs that interacted with men, they went to school..with boys and men...they could wear western dress. Laura trotted off to that place to affirm women's rights. Yet she is utterly silent at home on this same, pressing issue.

Like a wind up Liberation Barbie doll she goes out, flaps her gums and then retreats back into her private boudoir where we presume she reads novels and dreams of stallion studs while her own daughters run drunk through the streets, flashing their underclothes.

Thursday, May 19, 2005


La leche league

We debated where to put this story, education news or religious news. The fact that Ratzi who claims he was a liberal until Elaine yelled at him about "Kinder, Kuchen, Kirche" back in Tuebingen in 1968, is encouraging retrograde meaness to school girls has this editor pretty riled up.

Word of warning: when I was in college, I had my first child out of wedlock. Yes. I not only went to school with a baby inside, I did this with a baby outside, while nursing. And back then, the university was pretty nasty about students having babies. So I made a big deal about this. We sued because they had subsidized student housing for married students sans children but not for mothers with families. We won this, years after leaving school.

This story is cruel:
A pregnant student who was banned from graduation at her Roman Catholic high school announced her own name and walked across the stage anyway at the close of the program.
Alysha Cosby's decision prompted cheers and applause Tuesday from many of her fellow seniors at St. Jude Educational Institute. But her mother and aunt were escorted out of the church by police after Cosby headed to her seat.

OK. Time to rant. The police, at the behest of the religious nut running this "ceremony", were told to arrest this charming and sweet young ladies mom and auntie? What the hell? This girl, smiling, heads back to her seat after daring to take her well earned diploma in an honorable way, cheered by fellow students, only to see her loved ones arrested for this?

I am speechless...NOT! I am outraged. The Pope better discipline this monster. "Suffer the children" indeed. The Bible itself has Joseph demanding of God why he shouldn't repudiate his bride who is pregnant out of wedlock and God told him via an angel to not make a big deal about this.

JESUS WAS A BASTARD. This should be in huge letters on every Church everywhere. He was a bastard child who was basically adopted by Joseph.
Cosby was told in March that she could no longer attend school because of safety concerns, and her name was not listed in the graduation program.
The father of Cosby's child, also a senior at the school, was allowed to participate in graduation.
Note how the father was punished. Given full honors. And pray tell, who was threatening this poor girl? From the story it seems her fellow students supported her quest for the holy diploma. Was the priest running this joint the one threatening her?

Mean. This is just too mean.

I hope this young lady goes to college. I fought hard for the rights of young mothers attending college honorably.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Churches Support Bush Thanks to Bribes

Jesus whipping money out of the religious houses

Just like Bush hands out cash stipends and tax cuts to the media along with allowing them free range to create monopolies and cartels, so he bribes Churches to support him.

It isn't because this famous Skull and Bones "chant to the devil that is death" is so religious. He hasn't shown any religious impulses like say, Jimmy Carter, a real Christian, shows. He mouths platitudes but he keeps the faith by bringing home the bacon.
Both Sacred Zion and the Druid Heights corporation are engaged in the type of "social entrepreneurship" encouraged by Bush, who says both faith-based and secular groups play a vital role in the difficult task of bringing relief to the distressed and impoverished. But the president's budget proposals say something else when it comes to the nation's fight against poverty.

Bush has pushed for increased funding for religion-based groups while proposing deep cuts for many traditional anti-poverty programs. The result is that many small church- and community-based social service programs are slowly assuming the lead role in the war on poverty once held by long-established community development organizations. Administration officials say that faith-based groups are often less expensive and more effective in helping the needy, a contention that traditional service providers challenge.

The Churches have this overhead: churches, which have to be maintained. So they run AA meetings and such and collect tax payer money for this "service". As they seek more forms of sucking off the government teats they corrupt their mission to the point that it becomes a vacuuming operation to clear funds one way or another. It doesn't matter if the services are slender to none. Just go through the motions.

Even as the Bush people scream we have no money they increase the funds flowing into the Church coffers because by purchasing the services of the preachers they can keep unlawful power without too much effort. This is exactly why not one Church entity is screaming about abortions. They have control of everything now and can easily get it yet no one is moving at all on this topic. Even gay rights are extending, not contracting. There are many gays working for Bush and he has assured them that this money flowing to the Churches will buy their silence. In turn, the Churches are given the green light to attack the abortion/gay issue with all their holy frevor...until the day after the election when another billion will pour into the treasure chests.
Bush's 2006 budget proposed slashing public housing subsidies, food stamps, energy assistance, community development, social services and community services block grants -- programs that for decades have constituted the federal anti-poverty fight. While congressional budget makers have promised to restore some of the funding, they also have agreed to the president's tax cuts and overall spending targets, meaning there will be stiff competition for a shrinking pot of money.

At the same time, Bush's budget proposal for next year contemplates adding $385 million in new religion-based programs to this year's eventual total. The federal government awarded more than $2 billion in such grants in 2004 -- nearly double the amount awarded in 2003. Funding under the president's faith- and community-based initiative has gone up despite Congress's refusal to enact legislation that would allow faith-based groups to discriminate by religion when hiring staff, something Bush says should be allowed as long as they offer their services to people of all faiths and do not use federal money to proselytize.

They don't want to proselytize. That is hard work. They just want the money to flow. They don't care what it is for or that some result must come of it, just pass the collection plate and eat that fried chicken. No Church is going to heat a home. They will suck up the money and then make the poor jump through humiliating hoops to get a check. One church in New Hampshire this winter would send troops over to check out people's homes and if they had cable TV they got no heating help, for example.

This scheme to win the hearts and wallets of the religious so the rich can cut taxes and form monopolies and cartels is a cynical effort that is, in the bitter end, going to destroy the Churches by corrupting them.

Time for Jesus to go and turn over the money changer's tables.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Churches Batten Down the Hatches


I seem to remember all sorts of Bible stories from my youth in a lily white Luthern Church. These Bible stories were about Jesus inviting all and sundry to follow him. Male, female, young and old. Little children even. People of any color, any ethnic background. All were welcome to his loving embrace...hold your horses!. Seems many a vicar and preacher for this Jesus are screaming at us to go away. Seems the latest fad in right wing America is to exclude people. Just like when the TV bosses refused to run an ad for a Church that wanted to invite gay people into their services even as gays get locked out, the bosses whined this was mean and they didn't want to run divisive commercials about embracing people and loving them.

Meanwhile, the NYT commissions a study of what is wrong with them and arrives at this amazing conclusion: they need to cover rural America and religion more. Pray tell us, didn't the NYT run nonestop stories about a Pope dying of old age? And covered his funeral like it was a Second Coming? And then did an hour by hour story about the Ratzi coupelection? And when it was revealed that this man had a squirrely Nazi past, they helped to laugh it all off? And worse, when he peeped out of his palace to wave, this made front page news? And we need more of this? So...
From the pulpit of East Waynesville Baptist Church, the temporary pastor offered an unusual message for his adopted flock: "I don't mind telling you before I start off this morning, this is not where I want to be."

No one blames him. Over the past two weeks, the modest brick church with baskets of artificial lilies on the doors has found itself at the center of a national debate, a crash test site in the mixing of politics and religion. The Rev. Chan Chandler, the young minister who led the congregation of about 100 people for the last three years, is gone, having resigned under fire last week and taken his mostly younger followers with him. And nine longtime church members who said he had ousted them because they did not support his increasingly political sermons are back.

When Mr. Chandler, 33, resigned on May 10, some said the battle had been won. But the congregation that regrouped on Sunday was smaller and grayer, teary-eyed and leaderless.

A preacher comes to town and conspires with some angry and obviously right wing deranged people to hijack a church and is foiled by the press and by church goers who refused to leave when he ordered them out and now they are sad because they can't attract angry white parisoners who want to use the church as a political base so they can plot things? Seriously, if they are that eager for people, maybe the church goers should go out into the community where there are other people, maybe blacker in color, and spread the good word of Jesus who never once founded or talked inside of a church.

The NYT is interested in rural America and obviously, their churches. We are glad they noticed this story which the bloggers have been watching closely since the first hours it made news down south.
Even Mr. Chandler's opponents acknowledged that he brought new life and new members to the 52-year-old church.

"He was energizing them," said David Wijewickrama, a lawyer for the ousted members. "But he was not energizing them with religion, he was energizing them with hate."

Isn't someone who is using the name of Jesus to energize people with hate....a possible anti Christ? One senses these poor church goers wanted the energy and Luciferian powers of this deranged orator. We assume they overlooked his unpleasant sides. I remember the son of our own Germanic minister who was a full blown Nazi. Everyone pretended to not see him. He was painfully obvious.

He even wore the Nazi uniform to meetings.

Here is how Ratzi the Nazi is running his Church:
A Roman Catholic priest denied communion to more than 100 people Sunday, saying they could not receive the sacrament because they wore rainbow-colored sashes to church to show support for gay Catholics.

Before offering communion, the Rev. Michael Sklucazek told the congregation at the Cathedral of St. Paul that anyone wearing a sash could come forward for a blessing but would not receive wine and bread.

A group called the Rainbow Sash Alliance has encouraged supporters to wear the multicolored fabric bands since 2001 on each Pentecost Sunday, the day Catholics believe the Holy Spirit came to give power to Christians soon after Jesus ascended to heaven. But Sunday's service was the first time they had been denied communion at the altar.

Archbishop Harry Flynn told the group earlier this month that they would not receive communion because the sashes had become a protest against church teaching.

Sister Gabriel Herbers said she wore a sash to show sympathy for the gay and lesbian community. Their sexual orientation "is a gift from God just as much as my gift of being a female is," she said.

Can't let those people "eat the body of Christ". Heavens. We all remember Jesus saying, "Keep those damn people away from me, hit them with whips". He didn't say, "Suffer the children to come to me," he said, "Make those little creeps suffer for coming to me". Yes, the Bible tells us so.

Perhaps we should make "Jesus Loves You" Tee shirts that list all the people Jesus can't love. It would have to be a full length burkha.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

The Crusades


After 9/11, Bush tried to reassure the Muslims that we were not going a crusading against them. He even went to the UN and announced the USA would support a Palestinian state. This promise turned to thorns nearly immediately when a brutal nearly one sided war broke out ending with the Jews in the Holy Land building a huge wall around segmented Palestinian ghettos. This matter isn't settled at all, it continues as the festering sore of the Islamic world and breeds profound hatred of all things European and American.

A new movie just came out about the Crusades which tries to show both sides sympathetically. Unfortunately, unlike the wildly popular semi-porn S&M spectacular, "The Passion of Christ", it isn't a big hit. We have yet to see the movie but hope to see it since my husband and I met when we were in full armor fighting in the fashion of Crusaders in the Middle Ages. It is a fond topic for us when we were in the Society For Creative Anachronism.

The pretense that America wasn't fighting Muslims or trying to destroy them and replace them has been dropped. When a top general who is now in charge of assassinations and spook stuff declared in a church that he was crusading for Jesus this speech caused consernation in many places. We fully expected him to be forced into retirement but he was not only advanced in postion but given a very grave position which made the news the last few days, all of it pretty negative.

Yesterday, Bush and the Pentagon, to further terrorize the Muslims who were rioting over our flushing the Koran down the toilet, issued a story that the USA used a Predator missile in Pakistan to kill a "top" al Qaeda member which in English means we blew up another village of peasants in the mountains there. This "wonderful victory" sent the dictator of Pakistan to the press with this:

Pakistan has denied US media reports that a senior al-Qaeda leader has been killed on Pakistani soil by an unmanned US Predator drone.
Several US television networks said the al-Qaeda member, Haitham al-Yemeni, was killed near the Afghan border by a missile fired from the aircraft.

Back to the BBC story about the crusades:

History matters. And cinema's portrayal of history matters too. Kingdom of Heaven may be a medieval epic set in 1187, just before a Crusader army was wiped out at the battle of Hattin. But it has already been criticised for being a very 21st century, politically correct, view of the Crusaders' world.

Professor Jonathan Riley Smith of Cambridge University is probably Britain's leading historian of the Crusades. This film has made him angry, for the Crusades are, at the moment, a rather hot subject.

Rewriting history?

"In the Islamic world," he told me, "crusading is believed by many Muslims to be still in train.

Courtesy of via Tiny Revolution comes this interesting web site:

Force Ministries This is a violent Jesus web site that looks like it was designed by al Qaeda inspired Jihadists. Only it comes from the Belly of the American Military Beast. The pictures at this web site feature men in khaki shooting at the viewer. It is drenched in the words of violence and blood and war. Basically, it is exhorting people to kill Muslims for Jesus. A holy war, an ungodly mess.

Couple this with the ongoing riots concerning the flushing of the Koran down the toilet at our top secret prison in Cuba and one can see that this war against bin Laden and Saddam has spiralled down the toilet and is now becoming a very toxic mess indeed. It certainly alarms the editor of this blog to see this happening. Couple this with the news about born again Christians harrassing others at the Air Force Academy and that the Lutheran minister there was forced out of his job for complaining about it and the few Jewish students there had to file a civil rights lawsuit alleging religious discrimination and one can see this stew isn't healthy nor will it end peacably.

The death toll from the Crusades was horrific. Each surge across the Holy Land was drenched in blood. Jersusalem was put to the sword more than once. From the bloody demise of the Children's Crusade to the looting of Constantinople, it was one long, ugly, hideous convulsion.

And we are reproducing it with reckless disregard!

Time to Launch a Religion Page


This blog multiplies like a mad rabbit. But things move too fast on individual pages and it is amusing to have seperate pages for seperate topics and nothing is more topical than religion. The riots over the flushing of the Koran, for example, belong here. Tracking the American Taliban Christians belongs here. So do stories about the Skull and Bones satanic fun.

Thank you,
Elaine Supkis,
Editor, Culture of Life News