Monday, June 27, 2005

FORGET THE 10 COMMANDMENTS The GOP Ignores Them Everyday


The Supreme Court ruled against P2P file sharing. Those of us who use this stuff, a moment to reflect on the fragility of the web. But also the Supreme Court ruled on the 10 Commandment hoopola run by the right wing Christians.

They lost.

From the Associated Press:
In a narrowly drawn ruling, the Supreme Court struck down Ten Commandments displays in courthouses Monday, holding that two exhibits in Kentucky crossed the line between separation of church and state because they promoted a religious message.

The 5-4 decision, first of two seeking to mediate the bitter culture war over religion's place in public life, took a case-by-case approach to this vexing issue. In the decision, the court declined to prohibit all displays in court buildings or on government property.

In a stinging dissent, Justice Antonin Scalia worried publicly about "the dictatorship of a shifting Supreme Court majority."
Can't right wing jerks get their stories straight? They eke out the tiniest wins on the barest of majorities, if that, if they fail, the tyranny of the barest majority on the Supreme Court stops the vote counting so they could install Bush, they then crow that they are in the majority so we have to endure whatever bozo bumbling bashing they do and when once in a blue moon we get a ruling that is sensible, they complain about "dictatorship....of the majority."

Well, sorry to tip your canoe and your tailor, too, buddy. If you and your right wing ilk hate us so much, move. Like move to Iraq and create minority rights there! Heh. Prove your manhood and go!


I was furious in the sixties when we were told to love America or leave it. I always would say, "Well, the troops love America, right?" and they would agree. "So shouldn't they be in America if they love it?" This is when they would try to run off to yell at some other hippie chick.
"The touchstone for our analysis is the principle that the First Amendment mandates government neutrality between religion and religion, and between religion and nonreligion," Justice David H. Souter wrote for the majority.

"When the government acts with the ostensible and predominant purpose of advancing religion, it violates that central Establishment clause value of official religious neutrality," he said.

Souter was joined in his opinion by other members of the liberal bloc — Justices John Paul Stevens, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen G. Breyer, as well as Reagan appointee Sandra Day O'Connor, who provided the swing vote.

In his dissent, Scalia argued that Ten Commandments displays are a legitimate tribute to the nation's religious and legal history.

Government officials may have had a religious purpose when they originally posted the Ten Commandments display by itself in 1999. But their efforts to dilute the religious message since then by hanging other historical documents in the courthouses made it constitutionally adequate, Scalia said.

In his dissent, Scalia blasted the majority for ignoring the rule of law to push their own personal policy preferences.
Now these creepy people who really hate the 10 Commandments, look at how they live their miserable, lost lives!---are trying to make our courthouses into museums of legal history. Well, OK with me! The cuniform slab of Hammurabi should sit square in the middle! Not to mention the Magna Carta and the Constitution itself. The "separation of church and state" could be engraved over the Judge's chair! After all, the Constitution trumps all these religious/historical laws.

The Constitution is the Law of the Land, after all.
Ten Commandments displays are supported by a majority of Americans, according to an AP-Ipsos poll. The poll taken in late February found that 76 percent support it and 23 percent oppose it.
76% of all Americans break one or many of these commandments regularily. Why they want to be reminded of their renegade life choices puzzles me. Perhaps it is because they feel God will forgive them if they break these rules if they can recite them to Him on Judgement Day? Geeze. I know if you go before a judge and claim ignorance, they still put you in jail. If you go and claim you know full well what the laws are and deliberately broke them!

Well, imagine a big book flying straight at you!

Ignorance is bliss in this case.

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Sunday, June 26, 2005


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Note the dog's ears are back. It is scared of the strange man. It wants to get away.

Some of us can talk to animals. Everyone imagines they can talk to their pets but some of us can talk to any creatures, or rather, get inside of them, so to speak. Like any skill, it is both inborn and developed over time. One fad right now is "horse whispering" which is how people talk to scared horses by being gentle. This goes under "duh" for me. I have had violent horses. Whispering to a cocky stallion determined to crush your rib cage or feet would be hilarious to watch. Mostly, I speak loudly in cases like that, or rather, I yell very loudly.

Here it comes, yet again. A man who supposedly reads animals: From the Hampton Roads news:
Bill Northern kept picturing a dark-colored chair, maybe a sofa. Ezzie the dog insisted it was hers, and hers alone.

Northern held a small brass pendulum at the end of a short string in his right hand. As the pendulum swung back and forth, he closed his eyes and held his left hand palm up.

Northern, 67, is a self-proclaimed “animal communicator and equine consultant.” He listened to dogs and horses at the East Coast Equestrian Training Center in southern Virginia Beach on Thursday and Friday.
Hypnotizing dogs and horses isn't really all that new, actually. The Victorians were fond of hypnotism and ever eager to control animals since they needed to control them all the time, there was a fad for hypnotizing animals. Want to hypnotize a bird? You can't unless two people do it! Their brains are divided in two and each eye takes in reality seperately. heh.
Part Dr. Do little and part Dr. Phil, Northern travels the country and the world, “talking” to animals and their owners about behavioral issues, health problems and relationships.

For $60, Northern will spend 20 minutes listening to your animal’s concerns and relaying them to you. He will answer questions you want to ask your four-legged friend.
Animals don't talk in English. When a human who is a stranger looks at them, they don't blurt out stuff about their owners. I assure you, just trust me, this is what all animals, without exception, think: "Is this stranger dangerous? Will he eat me? Can I bite him? I wonder if he will fall down/run/faint if I jump at him? Why is he staring at me? I hate animals that stare at me. Maybe I should attack him."

Animals hate staring. Want to earn their emnity forever, stare at them. Predators and animals challenging their territory stare at them. I win the love of animals by not looking at them. Sometimes, I sit with my back to a shy animal and pretend something else is much more engrossing.

Once, I had to help a traumatized kangaroo. She huddled in her cage, shivering with fear, she was visibly depressed. I opend the door and took her leash to her harness and then laid it on my lap and proceeded to pretend to eat leaves. I examined each leaf and then chewed it. A nose inched over my shoulder. I casually slipped a leaf to the kangaroo. She ate it and then she nuzzled me. Within an hour, we were playing. She bounded happily about, free from her leash and each time I wanted her to return, I would bounce up and down and squeak. She would fly to my arms.

I have tamed parrots this way.

I have tamed bobcats and gila monsters and snakes. People have told me their snake/parrot/dog/cat or whatever hated strangers. Then I would befriend them and in no time have these hostile animals happily interacting. I ask nothing of them but to be themselves.
He says he was at a friend’s stable when he overheard a horse say, “I didn’t get an apple today.” Northern said, “What?” The horse said it again, and Northern asked the owner whether it was true. At first, the owner dismissed it, then remembered the daily apple had, indeed, been forgotten.
I don't know how this man reads the mind of the owners of animals but trust me, if a horse saw a stranger, he would send out this message, "Get me the bag of apples in the office, bring them here and give it to me, now." Why waste time dealing with the past? No horse does that. They are very goal oriented. I know my horse, Sparky, would do that. He would also tell you to open the door to the feed house and let him inside, too. And to fetch me and make me take down the gates get the picture. Sparky loves mind control and he exerts his entire being to hypnotize humans into obeying him, not the other way around.

When you ride him, you signal with the reins, turn right. He will peer over his shoulder and sneer. And turn left. I used to let him go into trees to try to get rid of me only then I loop his reins in the branches, dismount and go tell him he is trapped.

He stopped doing it.

Full of tricks, that horse. Once, when he was pulling logs, he decided to stop and in a display of horse rage, he went through the entire reportoire of the Vienna Riding School Aires. Exausted by this effort, we patted him and told him, "Git up, boy," and made him finish pulling the trees. He was in a bad mood afterwards until I showed up with the sweetmix. Suddenly, all was forgotten...maybe. Hope he can't tell strangers about these things. Sheesh.
A day earlier, Parker asked Northern to talk to her horse, Jordan. The horse had a sense of humor, Parker said, “She was sure to tell Bill all of my bad habits.”

Jordan said Parker leans too far forward when she rides, “and she doesn’t like carrying my weight on her shoulders.”

In riding lessons, Parker said, she is frequently told not to lean forward – something that she said Northern wouldn’t have known before their session.
Earth to Jordan: if a horse is going to bellyache about riders, you can bet this is would they would want you to say, "Get the f.... off my back, you freeloader. I want to graze or chew the boards in my stall."

Sparky would probably add "c*cks*cker", being a stallion.

All the time, people come along who think they are reading animal minds. Usually, they are reading human minds.

By the way, many observers of wild animals like Jane Goodall, truly can communicate and understand those they watch. It is heartrending for Jane to meet enslaved chimpanzees. When she tells the humans what our nearest relatives are trying to say, it doesn't do much good. We still murder and enslave them and use them for medical/psychological experiments.

Take a guess where I stand on this issue.

Talk to any animal. Be a vegetarian.

Thursday, June 23, 2005



In the news this week right on the heels of attacks on anyone saying our gulags are bad things is the Republican push to destroy yet another part of the constitution: the Holy American Flag amendment.

From the Washington Post:
A constitutional amendment that would allow Congress to ban flag burning passed the House yesterday, and congressional leaders said it has a strong chance to clear the Senate for the first time, sending it to the states for ratification.

The House has passed the measure four times before, but it has always fallen short of the two-thirds vote needed in the Senate. But changes in the Senate's makeup shifted several votes to the bill's supporters, and a lobbyist who leads the opposition said the absence of one or two senators could mean that the measure would pass.

"There are too many scenarios where we lose," said Terri Ann Schroeder, senior lobbyist for the American Civil Liberties Union. "We're very concerned." Schroeder counts 65 solid votes in favor of the amendment of the 67 needed for passage if everyone votes. "We still have a number of folks that have never voted, and we still have a potential problem if 100 members do not vote," she said.

The issue has been a favorite of conservatives since a 5 to 4 Supreme Court ruling in 1989 that protected flag desecration as free speech.
We all know that America trembles on collapse due to all that flag burning going on. Evidently, it is the root cause of global warming, all those people setting fire to Old Glory. What is really sad is many supporters of this foolish stuff hate the American flag and worship the Confederate flag. So why are they so anxious about the flag they themselves really don't like all that much?

Simple. It is an excuse to open the door to one more element of fascism: to elevate emblems of rule over religious icons. Usurping this often means uniting the two which is why so many Christian nations have crosses in their flags. This wasn't accidental. The Nazis were notorious flag wavers. From Garth Jones' 1933 article about one of Hitler's rallies:
From within we hear roar upon roar of applause and the thumping and the blare of a military band and the thud of marching, feet. The door leading to the platform opens and two of us step on to the platform. I have never seen such a mass of people; such a display of flags, up to the top of the high roof; such deafening roars. It is primitive, mass worship.
Yes, wall to wall flags with screams of "USA" over and over, the parading of our flags at the Olympics, etc. All are clear echoes of the Nazi way of doing things. People didn't worship flags before then, not to this extent.

It all goes hand in glove with primitive speech styles. As Mr. Jones notes in his article:
It the emotion of the National Eisteddfod exaggerated multifold. Imagine the Welsh national feeling responding to Mr. Lloyd George and add to bitterness of defeat, the depth of humiliation which, Germany has gone through; the painful poverty of the middle class, the sufferings through inflation, the rankling injustice of the War Guilt Clause and savage political hatred, and a picture of the Hitler crowd is there.

Imagine a speech of Mr. Lloyd George. Take away the wit, take away the intellectual play, the gift of colour, the literary and Biblical allusions of the Welsh statesman. Add a louder voice, less varied in tone, a more unbroken stretch of emotional appeal, more demagogy, and you have Hitler. Hitler has less light and shade than Mr. Lloyd George. He has less variety of gesture. Hitler’s main motion is to point out his right hand, which trembles. He is without the smile and the sharp glance of Mr. Lloyd George without his hush and sudden drop of the voice.

Mr. Lloyd George is more of an artist and knows that life is not all emotion or All tragedy. He lightens a grave speech with humour, as Shakespeare brings in the comedy of life in the porters’ scene in “Macbeth”. Hitler is pure tragedy or heightened melodrama, and reminds one of Schiller’s “Robbers”. His only comic relief is bitter irony. Mr. Lloyd George has a wider scale and as in a Beethoven symphony, makes lighter mood follow or precede a tragic part. Hitler is the Wagner of oratory, a master in repeating the leitmotiv in many varied forms, and the leitmotiv is “The Republican régime in Germany has betrayed you. Our day of retribution has come.” His use of the brass instruments of oratory is Wagnerian, and he thunders out his resounding blows against Bolshevism and against democracy.
Bush's strength is his abiility to be a mindless puppet, repeating robotically, all that is whispered in his ear. The weakness of Bush is from the same source: he is, unlike Hitler, a puppet. And now that his strings are broken, a weak puppet. When blood had to be shed, Bush's rhetorical shallowness betrayed him. Virtually no one, not even his most devoted worshippers, are heeding his call to arms simply because Bush, unlike Hitler, is a full time coward. And this shows. His lacksidasical speeches deflate enrollment in the military. Every time he opens his mouth to talk about death, his goofy grin and silly flailing of the arms, his frat in-your-face la-de-dah attitude drives down enrollment. The fact that anyone is still signing up is amazing.

The GOP is following their fascist game plan nonetheless. One is to wave the flag artifact while screaming about how much God loves Us and how great we are. The flaw in the leader is reflected in the collapse of volunteers to die for the magical flag. Many American kids don't give two hoots about the flag. Indeed, after a surge of patriotism after 9/11, flag worship is collapsing, not growing. There aren't armies of screaming youth running around, demanding we fly flags and bow to the Leader. Indeed, it is growing awfully quiet out there. I don't even see "Support the Troops" magnets all over everything, either, anymore.

Flag waving without volunteering to die for it becomes a joke, a comedy. Bush, unlike Hitler, neither believes in the flag nor honors it nor even gives two hoots about it. None of the GOP leaders fought to save the flag during the Vietnam war. They have been reduced to waving McCain's tattered flag whenever we attack them for being slackers who hate America. This is why the broohaha over Jesus' General (an my) joke posters asking GOP kids to sign up and fight is most revealing.

Here is one hysterical right wing kid's site:
So what? I know, I know. These people are just pissed off that President Bush won reelection. There were mad that he was elected in the first place and now having nothing new and no educated position to attack from, they just simply make an attempt to create a controversy. But these people are not new. When was the last time I received a comment on this blog challenging President Bush's proposal for reforming Social Security? Never. How come these hippies refuse to send me a statement about why they support the Democrat proposal for reforming Social Security. (Most likely because the Democrats still don't have a plan!) The same goes for every other major issue of national policy. All they have is no-Bush. And they lost that vote...TWICE ALREADY. And they aren't stopping....just wait until 2006 when there will be another round of Republican victories. These hippies will stop smoking pot for about 30 seconds, scratch themselves, and wonder why they keep loosing elections year after year.

Leftist hippies are the real threat to America - these "domestic terrorists" wish to destroy our country. They hope to remove everything we stand for. They strive the adoption of French as our national language and the forced conversion of the country to Islam.

These internet terrorists want the people who hate our country to win. And these vermin (as stated at the top of this post) want to do this at the expense of our lives and particularly the military - those who are putting their lives on the line every single day to defend America. These people are the same useless vermin that drive their hippy cars with bumper stickers saying "Support our Troops - Bring Them Home". But these actions of the left undermine our soldier's abilities to preserve our way of life - and aren't at all helping to protect us from the next terrorist attack.

Obviously these hippies would rather support a draft dodger (both Bill Clinton and Howard Dean) than members of the current Bush administration who have extensive military careers.

They are calling us "hypocrites" for the supposed support of a war...but refusing to join the military. Does this even make sense? Since when do I have to support my political stances with physical action. I believe in tougher testing standards for children in schools, but you don't seem me going to become a test writer for the Education Testing Service. Following this round of logic....if these people thing abortion is so great, how come they don't all sign up to be abortion doctors? Because it doesn't make sense!
I am including a good part of this little boy's rant because he reveals exactly why our fascists today are fake. They are pretend fascists. They voted for and follow a rank coward, both Bush and Cheney as well as 99% of the GOP leadership are cowards and this shows, boy, does it show.

They will pass laws "protecting" our flag but won't shed one drop of sweat to really protect it. They take the lazy man's way out. Mouthing pieties while piddling around. This is "cut the grass for the wife and then go get a blow job from a drug addict" lifestyle the GOP seems addicted to.

The entire Republican leadership is bellowing about how doubters and slackers are undermining our war against "terror" yet when we doubters and slackers turn to them and request they fight if they are so terrified of terror and suddenly the right goes slack jawed.

The childish scheme to rule the world is falling apart due to excessive cowardice in the wanna be Nazis running our country. The Civil War/Medieval war reenactors cheerfully go off to "die" every weekend. Many of our real life soldiers enjoyed this activity in days of peace and plenty under Clinton, a man they despised. But the ones who really fight wars are now being worn out and the fake warriors, the ones who cheerfully fight fake wars on weekends, are getting cold feet, too. So now we troll overseas for warriors.

This reminds me of something else: the Civil War reneacters are nearly uniformly in love with the Confederacy and slavery. They have to force members to be "Union" soldiers! They cheer like crazy when they see their favorite flag...the Stars and Bars of Confederacy!

So why are so many right wingers voting to change our Constitution? Huh? Congress has many younger members. They can go to Iraq and fight for America...yup.

Friday, June 17, 2005

POPE BANS PEDOPHILES.... But only for five years...

"I am finally a film star! Emperor of the Universe!"

Oh joy oh joy. The boys in the long frilly dresses in the Boyz Klub in Rome decided after paying out a billion dollar to spring their fellow priests...they have made the unprecedented decision to not let the pedophiles back in for five more years so I suppose it is still safe to let your altar boy be near an altar.

The nation's Roman Catholic bishops agreed Friday to a five-year extension on their unprecedented policy of permanently barring sexually abusive clergy from church work.
The overwhelming vote by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops means the American church will stick with the main points of the policy it adopted in 2002 at the height of crisis brought on by molesters in the priesthood. The Vatican is expected to approve the extension.

The bishops' committee overseeing a review mandated by the original policy spent months soliciting comment from fellow church leaders. The panel concluded that "many, perhaps a majority," of bishops hope to someday ease the permanent ban on offenders. Some prelates believe it violates Catholic teaching on redemption — that any sinner can be healed — and treats every case equally no matter the severity of the offense.

However, the bishops' committee said that church leaders agreed now was not the time to soften the policy.

Chicago Cardinal Francis George, a leader in reviewing the plan with Vatican officials, said he was aware it created tensions between bishops and priests. He went as far as calling the permanent ban on offenders "draconian."
Now I get to blow my stack. Forgiveness? This from the creators of the Spanish Inquisition? The religion that handed St. Pete's keys to a former Nazi who ran the present Inquisition? The Church that didn't forgivGalileoeo until just fifteen years ago? The Church that ran the Albenginian Crusade which ended with them exterminating whole cities, burning the survivors at the stake????

What? This church that pretty much operated a two thousand year reign of terror against all other religions is forgiving?

Worse: they think I am not only a witch but that I will burn in hell forever because I won't go to their church and agree with everything they spout! Seriously. People willing to make me suffer eternal torment shouldn't yap about how they should forgive each other for poking themselves inside helpless little boys!

Sorry, guys, no.

Worse, this church icampaigningng to deny civil rights to real gay men and women who live together just like the Pope and his merry gang of (fill in the blank). These men want us to worship them while they molest and destroy and curse and hunt down gay men and women!

No. No way. Period. This is way wrong.

Well, the Boyz in the Hood in Rome don't care abouhypocrisycy. They know Jesus loves religious hypocrites! It is right there in the Bible! "And lo, Jesus said unto the smug priests, 'The hypocrite has the keys to Heaven for they don't keep their sh*t hidden under a basket but spread it about underfoot.'"

Wednesday, June 15, 2005



Japan continues to swerve to the right. Koizumi's most recent visit to the war criminal shrine provokes even more demonstrations. This time, the Koreans.
Police restrictions and a tense standoff with demonstrators forced a group from Taiwan to abandon a plan Tuesday to "liberate" the souls of loved ones from Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo.

The group of about 60 Taiwanese indigenous people opposed the fact that relatives and acquaintances who died in World War II while serving in the Imperial Japanese Army are "enshrined at a shrine dedicated to praise those who sent them to battlefields."

The Taiwanese had planned to wear ethnic costumes and hold a ritual called "Return, our ancestors' souls" to release the souls of their loved ones from the shrine.

But when they came near Yasukuni Shrine, their two buses were surrounded by hundreds of people believed to be members of rightist groups who shouted angrily at the Taiwanese group, as well as police and journalists who also crowded the scene.
Just like in America, if left wingers demonstrate, they get attacked by either mobs or the police or both but if even the KKK demonstrates, the cops protect them carefully from any enraged mobs and all right wing groups get to appear in nearly any venue they desire including all Presidential events while leftist groups have to be very careful of even the slightest problem or we get "police riots" since they are looking for any excuse to attack us. It is the same in Japan.

From Japundit (a right wing pro-Japanese site) a Chinese poster told this story about right wing abuse in Japan:
I posted this over at Marmot’’s site but in case this site draws a different audience.

For people that have studied Japan that post on this site, I’d appreciate an explanation of the black van phenomenon in Japan. From the perspective of this American who has not extensively studied Japan, I can only see the failure of the authorities to crack down on extortion and intimidation tactics practiced by Japanese right wings groups as a tacit approval of their viewpoints and methods. I find that disturbing. It also leads me to think that public apologies from Japanese leaders over Nanjing, comfort women, etc. reflect only “tatemae” and not “honne” and from an American perspective that makes the apologies rather hollow.

Anyway interesting reading about right-wing groups in Japan and their influence.
You should read the whole thing. A side of Japan most gaijin never see or experience. A snippet:
My wife Keiko and I host a weekly talk show on local radio in Western Tokyo … just before Christmas 2000 we talked briefly about a trip we had made a year earlier to Nanjing[i] in China … walking through the museum in Nanjing that commemorates the incident, reading the testimony of hundreds of Chinese and non-Chinese survivors, looking at countless photographs of corpses and indeed their bones, some of which lie beneath the museum site, it’s impossible to deny what happened. And we said so, adding that those who do should pay a visit there themselves.
Thirty minutes after the show was broadcast, three members of a local “political group” arrived at the studio and asked to see the management. The station director, Sato-san, said he spoke for the station and, after exchanging name cards, everyone sat down.[ii] The only member of the group who spoke was the sempai (senior member) who softly and politely explained his displeasure. The Nanjing Massacre had not been “officially announced” (koshiki happyo) by the government, so we shouldn’t have mentioned it, he said … Why, he wanted to know, were we going on about China? Was our radio station communist? Sato-san carefully noted these points, including the last, on a writing pad before escorting the visitors to the elevator, bowing and thanking them for their visit.
Two days later the senior station manager called a meeting. He apologized for taking our time and explained that from now on he would be very grateful if we would not discuss political issues on the radio … He said we would need to apologize over the air for the Nanjing comment. If we didn’t, the men and their friends would drive their gaisensha, or black sound trucks, outside our sponsors (two ramen, or Chinese noodle, restaurants, a bar, and a couple of real estate agents) and harass them until they withdrew their support. Violence was unlikely, but he couldn’t rule it out. He apologized again for asking us to apologize. He handed us a sheet of paper the station had prepared for us to read on the next show. It said that we humbly apologized for the “inappropriate comments” (futekisetsu na hyogen ) we had made the previous week.
My wife and I were stunned. Far from being angry at a crude, thuggish attempt to shut down a public discussion, the station’s management had gone along with the rightist’s suggestions and upped the ante, out-censoring the censors by requesting an end to all political discussion.

Comment by ariwrong — 4/13/2005 @ 5:32 pm
Just as neo Nazi action in Germany should distress and alarm anyone, so should nationalist neo fascism in Japan cause both anger and demands for a government crackdown. The mealy-mouthed "apologies" of Kozumi coupled with his outrageous actions and his tacit support of the obviously illegal strongarming of the populace in Japan by the far right wing means Asia should take the strengthening Japanese/American fascist alliance very seriously.

In a recent Japanese poll 57.7 of the respondents said Koizumi shouldn't visit the shrine. Evidently, this popular support for ending the crisis isn't being heeded. Why?

NIKKEI: 11,415.88

Do you think it is a good move by Toyota to hike prices of its vehicles in the U.S. to help its struggling American competitors?
Look at these two side boxes in the Japanese newsite. The NIKKEI has been struggling to keep above 10,000 ever since the real estate bubble burst wdisastrousht after the disasterous Kobe earthquake. Yet their export market has boomed since then as well as their government money available which has been pretty much propping up the US government via "loans" yet the Japanese are a tad nervous, wondering when thbasiliskers will turn a basklisk eye towards Japan. The rage and fury over China's deficits has distracted American political parties from examining the dangerous relationship of the Japanese ruling corporate/right wing and the corruption and malefeasance and irresponsibilities of the American/corporate/right wing.

For business reasons, both entities have decided to cut out and attack both Korea and China because they are alarmed at the incursions being made by both countrie's capitalists. Just like, after visiting the newly installed right wing President, Bush, in 2001, neo fascist Sharon of Israel immediately and deliberately provoked the Muslims in Jerusalem to riot when he and a huge entourage entered one of Mohammedism's most sacred shrines, thus starting the Infantata and giving the Jews a green light to attack a mostly disarmed and surrounded population so they could build a wall and ghettoize Palestine.
Education minister Nariaki Nakayama apologized Tuesday for "causing trouble" to the government with his recent remark praising the removal of references to "comfort women" from revised history textbooks, top government spokesman Hiroyuki Hosoda said.

Nakayama apologized in a meeting of Cabinet ministers after being chided by Hosoda for his weekend remark that has drawn fire from South Korea and China, Hosoda told a press conference. (Kyodo News)
This was incredible. Once again, a top minister in Japan tried to belittle or minimize Japanese war crimes. Even as the courts dismissed lawsuits from the victims of these crimes, top ministers have the gall to mock them!
Japan and China on Tuesday agreed to hold subcabinet-level talks in Tokyo later this month to discuss various pending issues, a senior Japanese Foreign Ministry official said.

Japanese Vice Foreign Minister Shotaro Yachi and visiting Chinese diplomat Cui Tiankai who heads the Chinese Foreign Ministry's Asian Affairs Department reached the agreement during a meeting in Tokyo, the official said. (Kyodo News)
Once again, the Chinese attempt to get the Japanese to open serious negotiations. Since the Japanese slap in the face of the visiting Vice President last month, forcing her to cancel her visit, negotiations have only struggled along at lower levels.

The Chinese have used this time to strengthen alliances and form secret agreements with the many people who are interested in clipping Japan's wings.

It looks like some of the saner Japanese are trying to stop this mess:
The Osaka High Court on Friday is scheduled to hold a hearing of an appeal of a lawsuit filed by Taiwanese people who claim that Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi's visits to Yasukuni Shrine violates the Constitution.

Sunday, June 12, 2005


Alex Hamilton's granddaughter

I am a ruling class black sheep. I write way too much and way too often and much too loudly. I talk about money, the top verboten topic of the ruling class. Shhhhh.

I was once at a meeting of some rather rich women who were considering if I should be part of their country club in New Jersey. The topic of women's rights came up. It soon devolved into complaining about the lack of servants and how much they cost and how to avoid paying SS taxes. The mayor's wife waxed lyrical about her maid. "I take good care of her, I treat her like my own daughter."

I said, "Oh, that is why, if it is raining, she has to walk the dogs instead of you?"

Needless to say, I was kicked out.

Well, the New York Times did a piece about these sorts of ladies.
STANDING in the living room of an apartment on East 60th Street in Manhattan, Elbrun Kimmelman rang a little silver bell that was said to have once belonged to Alexander Hamilton's granddaughter and called to order a meeting of the Causeries du Lundi.
Nearly continuously for 125 years, this extremely private and exclusive group has gathered at a member's home almost always on the first Monday of every month during the New York social season, from November to May, to read aloud essays that members have written on topics that interest them.
Some Causeries members are also eager to dispel the idea that the club is no more than a collection of wealthy dilettantes. "The club's not about airs at all," said Susan Nagel, a member. "We don't want to be portrayed as Junior League. It's about writing something wonderful and making it catch fire."
etc. These rich ladies in the Victorian era, in between snubbing immigrants and holding their noses when passing through the Lower East Side on charity tours, would "daintily" read their writings to each other, some of them even in a loudish voice while blushing...meanwhile, because my grandmother's father committed suicide in the 1892 stockmarket crash, she had to fend for herself. This made her loud and pushy and she was one of the first women to get a degree from a previously all male University, the University of Chicago, no less.

She ended up stomping around the place without a single servant.

Back to our sweet damsels in NYC today:
Travel continues to be a popular subject. Mrs. Kimmelman, who describes her husband, Peter, as a wealth manager, recently delivered a paper on her two trips to the wilds of Irian Jaya area of New Guinea, accompanied by her two children, two guides, a cook and at least five porters.

It was an area where there were cannibals. "I never felt afraid of being eaten," Mrs. Kimmelman said, "because traditionally head-hunting is a planned activity that takes place under very special and known conditions, such as a ritualized war or ambush in declared nonsafe zones."
Seems cannibals ate one of the Rockefeller kids! Anyway, with two guides and a cook and five porters to eat first, cannibals would probably spare this lady because if she is fashionable and rich you can bet she is all bones and no flesh. Any cannibal community forced to eat very rich women would die of starvation.

As for the ritualized warfare: geeze, um, she better examine her plate more closely when she dines with the cannibals in Washington, DC.

But then, Solyent Green is...human.
The young Miss Maupin went to Holton-Arms, a preparatory school in Washington that Jacqueline Bouvier had attended a few years earlier. Her parents allowed her to enroll at Sweet Briar College in Virginia, then a place mostly for well-born Southern belles. Breaking with tradition, she won a Fulbright scholarship to study abroad. "No one at Sweet Briar had ever got one," she read.

The Fulbright changed her life. It took her to Australia, where she met her future husband, a Chinese scholar from a distinguished Swedish family. "He was my favorite combination, a person both very sociable and very bookish," Mrs. Bielenstein read. "It was an angel's match."
Oh my. Pass me the smelling salts! She bravely went out into "the world" and after all the hazards met up and mated with...a member of the European branch of the ruling elite! Wow. Talk about coincidences! And they met in Australia.

This is how they operate. Like the famous story, "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?" any two ruling elite can find each other in the remotest corners of the earth sans any global positioning equipment just by using their inherited inner radar.

These people float above it all. Periodically, some get sucked under when the economic waves get too rocky. Bad things can happen to them but it is easy to float back to the surface again. So long as the essential information is transmitted to the survivors: the stiff upper lip (I used to make fun of my mother's and I can do a knock down imitation of the Queen of England, myself), the noblise oblige passing of alms to the poor even when poor oneself and the cocking of the head backwards and looking down at the same time.

Oh, and the weight. You can never be too rich or too skinny. Back in the Victorian era, even, the upper crust ruling ladies kept a strict diet because this was their moral sop to make up for the other things they did. Eating daintily and carefully was drummed into little girls who also had to sit up straight (um, I sit bolt upright, my Victorian godmother insured that!), hands in lap, not staring at anyone.

Except to be mean, of course. That is fun.

Of course, talking about politics and sex and messing around with messy topics like the most dreaded of all, death, is verboten which is probably why I do all of that. I remember growing up and being punished if I said, "dead." No one died. People passed away. To this day, I can't say to someone in their face, "He is dead, Jim." Heh.

This ruling class should be carefully watched. They are shy and hide from the vulgar eye unlike entertainers or sports figures. They float into positions of power but not so forcefully that you would notice them. Some are taking a stab at public appearance by they are all appalled at how the wife of Schwarzenegger has been dragged down by her too public husband. They will be nice to her but they also would avoid bringing her to their estates. Someone might notice how they live!

This solicitude of their solitude is deliberate. It is an invisible gated community. They can stand right next to you and still be isolated. These people are the ones who sit upon the rest of humanity on the Friedman Flat Earth. Poor Friedman is Jewish so he is...not one of them. But he is a fine servant. Will be patted on his head and fed carefully.

The rewards for service are great but so are the dangers for if there is political unrest, these ladies will decamp for safer shores and quietly shove their servants into the mob to distract it so they can make their get away.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


As the Gov. of Texas rides off to a church to sign a bill that restricts abortion rights and ladles out more funding and power to fundie churches, the new right wing former Nazi Pope shows us he is still the "Kinder, Kuchen, Kirche" good German fascist he was back when he was a Nazi.
Pope Benedict, in his first clear pronouncement on gay marriages since his election, on Monday condemned same-sex unions as fake and expressions of "anarchic freedom" that threatened the future of the family. The Pope, who was elected in April, also condemned divorce, artificial birth control, trial marriages and free-style unions, saying all of these practices were dangerous for the family.
I would suggest a man who never marries, hangs out only with other guys, all of whom wear floor length dresses and none of whom have even the faintest possibility of becoming pregnant even with a miracle working God trying to seduce them, these guys have no right to yap at us women concerning families and our bodies. Period.

Why do these creatures who form no families at all, raise no children, so interested in families? If they are such know-it-alls, they can show me how to do it themselves. You know, do housework, pay bills, work at a job, go to PTA meetings, worry about the teens going out at night, keep the spouse happy, etc. Then they can discuss my life choices with me.

I think they are anti family and should be shunned by "good Christians," no?
The Pope's words on Monday were no surprise. In an address to fellow cardinals before the start of the conclave that elected him in April, he denounced what he called an "anything goes" mentality that marked modern times.
I notice this former Nazi isn't using his influence and time to condemn torture and asking Catholics to not participate in torture.

And speaking of Catholics, the riots in Bolivia continue. Seems the people there are overthrowing their corporate government because they want social justice and all that. The Pope is mum. He probably is ticked off at his flock for getting the upper hand. He personally killed off "liberation priests" leaving Catholics to fend for themselves.

It seems to me that Catholics in many countries aren't searching for "pleasure," they are searching for power. With the selection of this far right wing former Hitler supporter the Church signals that liberation isn't the goal, suppression is the goal.

This Pope is interfering with political will all over the place in his attempt at controlling the lives and choices of millions of people who are either not Catholic or Christian or anything. This man wants to control us through laws so we can't live our lives while he lollygags about his fabulous palace, surrounded by men pretending to be eunachs, servicing his every wish, protecting child molestors who prey off of helpless children.

The Texan govenor who is toadying to the evangelicals there is equally despicable. The married folk in America will still be married even if other people get married, too. Why this should bother them bothers me. Are they that insecure? Looking at the average American, one wonders.

This self-hate, self centered style is degrading the body. We look physically worse and worse as we self indulge by eating and gambling and watching stupid entertainment on TV. This should worry moralists more!

The seven deadly sins don't mention gay marriage.