Sunday, August 21, 2005


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Today, a rich, wrinkled old man left his palace to tell people about religion. From the BBC News:
The Pope told the crowds there were dangers in people finding their own religious routes.

"If it is pushed too far, religion becomes almost a consumer product," he said.

"People choose what they like, and some are even able to make a profit from it.

"But religion constructed on a 'do-it-yourself' basis cannot ultimately help us," he said.

"Help people to discover the true star which points out the way to us: Jesus Christ."
OK. Um, hate to tell Mr. Pope this news but Jesus was this guy who was the ultimate "do-it-yourself" dude. He also like to do the religious shopping thing what of taking all sorts of odds and ends from paganism and turning it into his own toys, for example. Like Christmas. Pure pagan, stolen by the Christians and used for commercial reasons today!

Then there is Oester. You know, the sun goddess's high holy day, taken away. Midsummer celebrations, the fall Equinox, Halloween, all the Great Days, taken by the grabby Church that latched onto wells and mountain tops and ancient oak trees and fair meadows that were all dedicated to all sorts of gods and goddesses.

Geeze. Christianity became all about solar/lunar events which is weird since it supposedly was about this guy, you see, who decided to make up his own religion. He took the story of Dionysius, for example, and claimed to turn water into wine and walk on water and make fish appear magically. What? That is what a religion is about? Instant fish and watery wine? Huh?

The Pope also called upon the Muslims to be peaceful so the Christian crusaders could steal all their oil. This isn't going to work. I assure you. If Jesus could turn water into oil then the Christians could stay home and make oil magically but alas.

The Church can only make wine into blood. Gack. That rip off of Dionysius is rather vampiric, isn't it?

Well, if Jesus came back like he threatens to, we can expect the Pope to dress him down for trying to create his own religion.

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Monday, August 15, 2005


By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Some of the religious people I admire the most are the wonderful Franciscans and Clares. The founders of both orders were truly Christians who loved not only Jesus but all living things, plants and animals included. They sprang up at the same time the Dominicans did. The Dominicans wanted to use torture and kill anyone who disbelieved or disobeyed the Pope. Day and night differences, no?

I know which group Jesus would have joined.

The present Pope has a very checkered past, to say the least. His mealy mouthed excuses for his Hitler Youth days are shown to be evasions. Just look at him. He wears that lovely expression cartoonists use to show evil leaders lusting for power. Just like Bush's continual smirk or Mussollinian chin ups, as a cartoonist using photos, it is laughably easy to find evil looking pictures of powerful men, they suit this medium perfectly.

From the BBC news:
Pope Benedict XVI has said he hopes his forthcoming trip to his homeland Germany will give "new impulse" to the Roman Catholic Church in Europe.

In an interview with Vatican Radio ahead of the trip, the Pope said there was a widespread idea that "Christianity is composed of laws and bans which one has to keep".
Well, under Jesus, it was all about sharing and loving and turning the other cheek, three things nearly all Popes knew not. Far from it, they all choose, even "saintly" ones like the previous occupant, to live in a giant palace. I remember when the previous Pope came out on his balcony, surrounded by servants, to lecture us on the godliness of poverty. I was living in a tent and was sorely tempted to go to Rome and evict him from his palace and move him into my tent.

This present Pope wants us to follow his laws and bans but note how he protects adulterer priests and priests who hide child rapists!
He said this was often seen as "something toilsome and cumbersome".

"I want to make clear that it is not a burden to be carried with great love and realisation, but it is like having wings," he added.

"It is wonderful to be a Christian with this knowledge that it gives us a great breadth, a large community."

Asked what the ideal aim of the festival in Cologne was, Benedict answered that ideally, it would spark "a wave of new faith among young people, especially the youth in Germany and Europe".
Well, I am not a Catholic and I really am agnry with this Pope and his many minions working to force me to live under many bans and restrictions and toils. If he wants to live like this, go right ahead. His many followers can imitate him. No one is stopping them. They can look at it this way: they will go to "heaven" while we will all go to "hell" and guess where I want to be?

Heaven is where your friends are. Hell is where people you don't like are.

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Friday, August 12, 2005


Original art by Elaine Meinel Supkis

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Tonight we will see the spectacular show, one of the oldest shows in the memory of humanity, the amazing Perseid showers. The stars will rain down upon our heads all night long and this year is going to be a memorable show indeed.

For as long as records exist, the Perseid meteor showers have always been strong. This summer's Perseid shower will be exceptional. The moon is mostly out of the way later in the night, and higher-than-normal activity rates are expected over the United States.

The Perseid shower's parent body, comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle, is notable in being a comparatively huge comet in an orbit that passes close to Earth's orbit frequently. It measures 24-31 kilometers in diameter, 2 to 3 times the size of comet Halley, and is so big that the continuous ejection of water vapor and dust during its approach to the Sun does not move the comet much off course. It has spewed dust for at least 5,000 years and most likely thirty times longer. It has built a massive meteoroid stream, most of which is located just outside of Earth's orbit. Earth passes through the outer regions of that stream in July, and hits the center on August 12.
This giant possible annihilator object rains down upon us bits and pieces of its great bulk. If it were to hit us, we will all be gone, all of us. And pretty much all others, too.

While humans evolved, their brains grew. And when they were ejected from the Garden of Eden, the great swath of jungles that girded Africa, once we walked on the hot plains, along the vast sea shores, we looked up in wonder at the cloudless skies, the dark starry nights and we wondered. And during this time, a great comet flew past. The fear of God was born.

Some of the earlier myths and stories revolve around this cosmic wonder. When we look into the path of the falling stars, they seem to radiate out of one spot and this is where they get their names. The Perseid showers come from the great grouping of stars that make up the Pegasus sector. All these diverse constellations are from the same story, according to Greek mythology.

Perseus was sent to slay Medusa, one of three sisters who were cursed into becoming monsters. When he whacked off her head, out of her torso, with the flow of red blood, sprang Pegasus, the Iku, the Square of Paradise between the two Rivers, Pisces. Pegasus is really a very old god, older than Perseus. He was called Zug in ancient Ur. Half snake, half flying horse. The Greeks chopped off his lovely long snake tail and gave it to Medusa. This is why we see Zug as a half horse today. Astronomers in classical Greece then gave Medusa's tail to Andromeda. She even got one of the stars of the Great Square.

Because of these showers and the fact that the largest star in the Perseus constellation is a variable red star, this star ended up being called the Evil Eye and is Medusa's head. Falling stars were catastrophes which is Greek for falling stars. Actually, they are right, you know.

Falling stars do fall on us. With devastating power.
AFP/NASA-HO/File Photo: This November 2000 NASA file image shows a meteor streaking across the sky during the...

Here is an example of a particularily large piece burning up in our stratosphere. Which, by the way, is getting thinner, thanks to our manic consumption of various chemical/fossil fuel combinations.

From Seattle Times:
The incidence of two forms of nonmelanoma skin cancer has more than doubled among people younger than 40, particularly women, an increase scientists attribute to tanning's continued allure and Earth's depleting ozone layer.
Heck, this is killing the amphibian world, big time.

The midnight sky flashed an eerie blue early Thursday over four Midwestern states as a meteorite exploded in the atmosphere, sending rocks as big as softballs crashing through some houses.

Residents in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin reported seeing the disintegrating meteorite flash across the sky about midnight. Police were soon deluged with reports of falling rocks striking homes and cars.
One guy had it hit his office and it destroyed his printer but missed the computer.

From the Durango Herald:
NASA continues to use Meteor Crater as a proving ground, even to test spacesuits for the human exploration of Mars.

Scientists guess that a meteor only 150 feet wide excavated the massive cavity, meaning that it had to be traveling at over 30,000 mph before impact. The explosive force of the collision was greater than 20 million tons of TNT.

The little bit of meteor that did not vaporize on impact either broke off as it plummeted through the atmosphere or was ejected miles away by the force of the impact.
150 feet in size left a sizeable crater, didn't it? Compare that with 31 kilometers! This is a small rock compared to the Mother Rock, isn't it?

The Arizona Planetary lab's meteor damage calculator says the other side of the planet barely noticed the meteor that hit Arizona. But let's put in the numbers for the Perseid meteor!

According to the data, if this ever hits us, it will be the biggest hit since the creation of the earth. Kind of scary, no?

All this stuff comes from outer space which isn't empty but rather, thanks to the mighty black hole grinding away in the center of our galaxy, a giant vacuum cleaner sucking up matter, we see the shattered remains of even older stars, older worlds, showering down upon us.

This is why we figured out how to pray to the Gods. For they do live in the Heavens. And are both beautiful and very dangerous. They created us and will eventually destroy us.

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Thursday, August 11, 2005


Painting by H. Bosch

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The Catholic Church along with all sorts of churches and other orgnanizations, all want to tell me how to have sex and etc. These nosey, crummy fakes want to shove me around while they screw around behind their velvet curtains.

Once again, one of these lying, hypocritical idiots gets caught red handed. From the NYT:
A Roman Catholic monsignor named in court papers as ''the other man'' in a divorce case resigned Thursday as rector of St. Patrick's Cathedral, the New York archdiocese said.

Cardinal Edward Egan accepted Msgr. Eugene Clark's resignation from the key church position despite the 79-year-old Clark's denials that he has been carrying on an affair with his 46-year-old private secretary, the church said.

''He offered his resignation for the good of Saint Patrick's and the Archdiocese,'' the statement said. ''He will not be celebrating Mass or the sacraments publicly until this matter has been resolved.''

Clark has been rector of St. Patrick's in midtown Manhattan since 2001 and has often celebrated Mass there when the cardinal was away. A strong proponent of traditional morality, he blamed the church's sex-abuse scandal in 2002 on ''the campaign of liberal America against celibacy.''

Clark was named in divorce papers filed last week in Family Court in White Plains by Philip DeFilippo, 46, who claimed that a private investigator taped his wife, Laura, and the monsignor entering and leaving a Long Island hotel last month. The videotape was shown Monday to New York City newspapers.

DeFilippo also claimed that the DeFilippos' teenage daughter was exposed to the relationship.

A call to Clark's lawyer, Laura Brevetti, was not immediately returned. Laura DeFilippo's lawyer, Michael Berger, said he would not comment on Clark's resignation. Both lawyers have previously denied that the monsignor and his secretary had a sexual relationship, accusing Philip DeFilippo of distorting an innocent event.

Archdiocesan spokesman Joseph Zwilling had said Wednesday that Clark was not asked to step down as rector because unlike priests who were accused of molesting boys, he was not accused of anything illegal and was denying the allegations.
Shades of Karl Rove! He wasn't "breaking the law", he was only busting up marriages! Holy matrimony! Geeze. Now you tell me, who are the idiots running around America screaming we must put the 10 Commandments all over the place?

Obviously, these same bonzos can't remember any of them unless it is tatooed on each other's foreheads. Oh!

I forgot, buggering boys isn't forbidden by any commandments from their God! So that must be why they did it. Alas for them, it is illegal under secular laws! But breaking the "thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife (and oxen! Hands off of my Chip and Dale team!)" is A-OK. Women get stoned to death all over the world for this but Catholic priests can do it because they don't covet the wives, they merely borrow them. In between chasing choir boys, of course.

The Nazi Ratzi Pope wants to purify his putrid clergy except he doesn't, he wants me purified. Well, listen to this, you horny old rat infested fools: I don't want your dirty hands on my body or the body of any women in America, hear? Keep it to yourselves. No one will investigate your sex lives in the Vatican. You can screw around to your heart's delight there.

Just stay out of my life. This is a warning.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

The daily death toll rings a bronze clang, the voice of the dying, a whisper on the hot winds that chase dust devils across the blighted land. At home, Bush is on vacation. He sits in his airconditioned house and is flown in and out by helicopter, those black helicopters the right wing so fears fly him in and out of his New World Order Headquarters.

A mother sits by the side of the road, a Fury incarnate. A daily reminder of the spectre of the night when the dead whisper into unheeding ears. The media notices her now. When nearly a million of us demonstrated loudly in DC before the war was launched, banging drums, shouting, singing, ringing bells, the entire news media managed to miss this. They all sent news crews to cover the demonstration...only if it failed.

But it was a great success and I watched as the media folded their circus tents two hours before our march was scheduled to begin.

The media can't ignore the whispering voices of the dead. Today, like the other days this week, more soldiers were killed and killed more Iraqis. In this death duel in the sun, the bodies are rotting. Today, the dead come from the unit based in my neighborhood. The 42nd Infantry Division is based in Troy, NY, which is very near to my mountain. Five were blown up and they made a brief headline, too. It amazed me because up until this week, the dead were buried deep inside of various innoculous headlines.

Perhaps the news media is playing catch-up with public opinion now 61% against this war.

Here is a story of a man who is just beginning to see he is in for a lifetime of suffering. This is much better than dying but still heart breaking. From the Washington Post:
"So we're driving down the road and it's midnight, so it's pitch-black, and when you're driving at night, you don't use any lights," says Terry Rodgers, "but we can see fine because we've got night vision goggles."

He's sitting in the living room of his mother's townhouse in Gaithersburg, telling the story of his last night in Iraq. He's still got his Army crew cut and he's wearing a T-shirt with an American flag on the chest.

"We're driving down this road and there's this tiny bridge over a little canal," he says. "They had rigged up this bomb and they had a tripwire running across the bridge and we hit it and it blew up."

Like the rest of the 13,877 Americans wounded in Iraq, Rodgers has a story to tell. He tells it in a matter-of-fact voice, like he's talking about making a midnight pizza run or something. He's sitting in an armchair with his right leg propped on an ottoman, the foot encased in a soft black cast that reaches almost to the knee. His crutches are lying on the rug beside the chair.

"The Humvee finally comes to a stop and the right side is just torn apart and I hear my squad leader screaming, 'I think I lost my arm!' And my best friend Maida was in the front passenger seat where the bomb went off and he was screaming, 'Where's help? Where's help?' And then he went quiet.

"And me, I'm trying to crawl out of the Humvee and I get most of my body out and just this leg is stuck and I thought it must be caught on something in the twisted metal. I look back and I see it's just laying there on the seat, so I'm like, 'Why is it stuck?' So I try to lift my leg up and it won't lift. I just had to pick up my leg and crawl the rest of the way out."

He mimes the action of picking up his leg with his hands, then he continues the story.

"I started patting myself down and that's when I noticed that my face took some shrapnel," he says. "It was all swollen on this side, so when I'm patting myself down, my middle finger went, like, this deep into my cheek where the shrapnel went in."

He points to a spot about halfway down his finger, showing how far it went into the shrapnel wound behind his right eye, which is still pretty much blind, unable to see anything but bright light.

"Then I started checking out my leg. I knew my femur was broken, but at that time I didn't know my calf was missing," he says. "And that's when I hear my best friend Maida and he started heaving."

Rodgers takes a few loud, quick breaths to show what Mark Maida sounded like.

"And he breathes like that for a few seconds and then he just stops. And that's when he died."
Just four months ago, most of the stories about the wounded were about how even amputees wanted to rejoin their buddies and continue fighting. How they were happy to see Bush and wanted to fight and fight some more.

This was all propaganda, of course.

It seems Bush wanted to visit this soldier only he said no to him and to the other chickenhawks who wanted him to pose for photo ops to show they cared when they obviously don't give two pennies for any of his thoughts. Newspapers and TV still avoid showing the half dead: the people in comas, the ones with no faces or thoughts, the insane, the suicides. Every month, some kill themselves. If they are still in Iraq, they get counted. If they are discharged, they don't get counted.

Many after the Vietnam and Desert I wars killed themselves, either directly or via other means. The suffering caused by fighting eats at the soul. Quite a few family members go down with their loved ones when they go mad.
"It didn't do anything to us Americans," he says, "but it killed a few civilians."

Most days, Rodgers's platoon would patrol the town in Humvees, then set up a TCP -- traffic control point -- where they'd stop cars and search them for weapons. Or they'd do "house calls": "We'd pick random houses and just go in and search 'em." Sometimes they'd do a "dismounted patrol," which meant they wandered through the streets on foot.

"We'd have an interpreter with us and we'd try to talk to people," he says. "We didn't have any incidents when we were out walking. The biggest incident we'd have on foot patrol is we'd be mobbed by little kids asking us for candy. When people from back home would send me candy, I'd always give that to the kids."

Occasionally the Americans would hear about a house where somebody was rumored to be storing weapons or building bombs. They'd wait until dark and raid the place.

"It was very intense and very fast," he says. "We'd try to be as quiet as we could until we got to the front door, and then you just have the battering ram and you open the front door and you run in yelling and pulling your weapons and try to gain control of the house as fast as you can."
Other patrols found illegal weapons on these raids, but Rodgers's never did.

"We did hit the wrong house quite often," he says. "We had these overhead maps, satellite maps, and when you're on the street in the middle of the night, it's hard to find the right house. In those instances, we'd say, 'Sorry,' and give 'em a card with a phone number to call the Army and we'd pay for the damages."
You know, we rebelled against England because of this sort of thing. Why can't we understand how noxious this is?

Evidently, the people setting the bombs and those ambushing the Americans most likely were recruited from homes we randomly attacked.
This is a picture from the 42nd's web site. They have several showing them luring very small children over to get goodies. Many children have died this way because small children don't know better, they don't know that approaching heavily armed soldiers who are fighting their families is very dangerous. We play Santa Claus during the day and at night, we play the Grinch who Stole Christmas.
Here is another picture showing a soldier in full battle gear, luring small children to his side. This isn't a quiet city with our soldiers lightly armed, walking around. He is on a military vehicle and is primed to fight. Alas.

This desire to clothe ourselves in sheep's wool is why our soldiers are dying. We want to be loved but we also love to have our own way which is why the dissonnance of our candy for tots combined with destroying their homes and crushing their toys at night can't be reconciled.

There is not one picture of a teenage/military age Iraqi with the Americans except for pictures of the soldiers we are "training." Guess who knows where we are patrolling and how many are out and at what hour we will be abroad?

Cindy Sheehan, the mother of one of the fine young and old American citizens who has died in Iraq, sits in the hot sun in Crawford, patiently waiting for Bush to drive by. Bush flies in and out of his private Waco using helicopters. She is a trip wire he doesn't want to trigger.

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Saturday, August 06, 2005



By Elaine Meinel Supkis

On a mountain top near my own mountain is the Grafton Peace Pagoda. The Japanese nun who founded this pagoda walked around the world, praying until she came here and created this beautiful monument with the unstinting labor of many wonderful volunteers.

Everyone poured their hearts into this. Because of the nukes that fell on Japan. Since world peace rests entirely in the hands of the United States whose military spending and weapons dominate the planet yet control very little of it, we and we alone are responsible for creating and protecting all of humanity...from our own rage.

After 9/11, when we had the sympathy of the world we turned it into sympathy for the devil.

We could have led the people on earth in the right direction but instead, the right led America into the wrong direction. Every step we take down our chosen path is bloodier than the one before yet we are compelled like sleepwalkers to move ever forwards. Each day brings news that doesn't surprise me.

Sadly, everything I fretted about and so many of us in the cyber realm warned about, comes true, relentlessly. All the worst imaginings are fulfulled in full. But underlying all this is the odd and frankly insane notion that Americans are "young and naive." This ardent belief of our own infantallity has fatal consequences. For we don't take an adult's responsibilities seriously.

"Live within your means," our parents warned us yet even as our parents live and breathe, they as well as we, all refuse to do that. Collectively and idividually, we all live as if there is no tomorrow. And yet, there is a tomorrow. And we know, in our souls, that we must build and weed the garden and draw the water, day after day, for life is an accumulation of many small, sometimes nearly invisible, actions.

Mother Nature can and has swept aside our works and our lives just as She demonstrated so brutally last December. Even today, typhoons and floods are snatching away the lives and homes of many people and we know these things can and will happen to us, here, too.

This is why the most important thing we can do is live our lives so we are spiritually ready to die, for you take nothing, not even family, with you when you pass the Gates of Death. There is one thing you can take.

Your soul.

And so, by shedding tears of pity upon the millions of dead women, men, children and babies who have died in past wars and will die in future wars, we weed our own gardens of the heart and despite feelings of anger and despair over the direction our country has stumbled, we must hold out hope that we can turn the tide, courage and love, to get everyone to heave our nation into the right direction again.

September 24th we will go to the Capital to show our strength, our energy and our will. We will tell the world and those who think they thwart us, that we are united and we are not to be stopped or ignored, we are the PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

I will post more about this demonstration as time passes.

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