Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Detriot's Bishop Announces He Was Molested By Priest Many Years Ago

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Now a Bishop (!) says he was molested by a priest many years ago and he asks for Michigan to have no time limit on sexual abuse investigations. Meanwhile, the Ratzi Pope acts as if he is running a joy house. Dressing flashy and egging people on, exactly as I expected of him. Sex is a mysterious force, isn't it?

Fromt the Washington Post:
Breaking ranks with his peers, a Roman Catholic bishop called yesterday for state legislatures to temporarily remove the time limits that have prevented many victims of sex abuse from suing the church.

In making that extraordinary appeal, Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Gumbleton of Detroit also unburdened himself of a secret. As a teenager 60 years ago, he said, he was "inappropriately touched" by a priest.
This is rather unprecedented. The new Pope persuaded the previous one to not investigate sex abusing priests. More, Ratzi himself, squirreled away top Church sex offenders, often taking them out of the countries where they abused people and hiding them in the Vatican where they all are on a 24/7 party binge we can't really see, it all being hidden. But the fact is, this Pope, unlike the last one, loves to dress in hot style, lots of red and gold, of course, and he is grinning ear to ear as he pumps his ego up, he is like a one man gay power parade float only like so many sex fiends, he attacks gays who want civil rights and he attacks gays who want to dress in silk, lace, fancy embroideries like him, he attacks gays who want to live with their own loves even as he, himself, lives in a giant palace filled to the gills with only men, seriously, the contridictions of the Catholic Church are on full display just as the same thing is running amok in the American born again scene!

Every day in America, we have news stories of insane right wing religious nuts doing the nuttiest sexual escapades. At Atrios, he and his many readers have started a whole line of blog postings called "Bobo's World" to detail this stuff because the New York Times has this clown called Mr. Brooks who wrote a book about "Bohemians in the Garden of Eden" and we mock him for his superficial take on the maloderous mangled mess of the average right wing sex-suppression psychopaths.

Dr. Freud was part of a whole movement of intellects in Europe who tried to riddle out the mysteries of religion and sex and the human psyche back at the turn of the century as the Romantic Movement reached its greatest heights. Artists and musicians and writers churned up a lot of material and then the anthropologists, exploring the "primitive" tribes the European imperialist conquests encountered, all this allowed philosophers to openly discuss sex and religion.

More, archeologists and the discovery of all the Ice Age cave art opened yet more doors onto the darker, most tangled parts of the human mind and how it has created religion to deal with several important terrors of all humans: birth, death and the cosmos.

Unlike most animals, we have large enough brains that have a vast sector of hidden thought processes, that we can spend an awful lot of time wondering about life and death and imagining our own death all too vividly. Once we reached the top of the predator food chain, we won the luxury of deep sleep with vivid dreams since we fear little interference while knocked out.

The Gods we fear were unleashed in these dreams and unlike dogs or cats, our fellow friend-predators, who also dream, our dreams are much more complex due to the acquisition of language.

My most important dreams have been about the intersection of language and image.

The need to understand our rampant sexual urges has occupied our minds for eons. This is because it is fun thinking about sex and everyone wants to think about it but if we think about it too much and do it too much, we fall into ruin since it causes a cascade of social problems such as hunting, defending territory, controlling pregnancy frequency, building things, chipping rocks to make tools, making pottery, etc.

So the human mind, ever creative, took the sexual urge and redirected it into these desirable but non-reproductive activities. Singing special songs while chipping spear points, telling stories about other beings who happen to have sex, too, was a happy diversion because one could tend the fire or make pottery or hunt for fruits while being entertained without doing the act itself.

This displacement of the rampant sexual urges caused by human females no longer having a "heat" period like say, deer or horses, made social life in a tribe easier. A female could do various tasks during the day without being jumped. The taboos and restrictions were found to make sex much more interesting since the human mind could secretly plot how and when and where to do it and the intensification of sexual pleasure the thoughts gave was noticed probably way back by the earliest stone age peoples.

All this has gone through so much mediation and layering as each generation adds or subtracts elements in order to give life more pleasure or meaning or as various cultures struggle to deal with the manifest contridictions of sexual gratification problems, the whole dark mess has become both more obvious and more obscure, namely, we know now a great deal about the sexual roots of our pesky brains but we cannot accecpt the end results: namely, the more we control or express our sexual natures, the more it becomes a monster that eats us up!

In other words, repressive people and overly sexualized people are very destructive, very unhappy unless they are abusing other humans, and utterly unsatiable.

This is why the nobelest of arts and crafts tap into sexual energy but don't allow it to run the show, namely, the more oblique an creator is, the more the results resonate in other, non-sexual ways that open the mind to more than just eat/sex/sleep animal nature.

The Christian religion is amusing to me because they took the much more honest and severe more stone-age Jewish-tribalism and turned it into a rarified mishmash of all the Mediterranean religions plus whatever else it encountered in the forests of barbarian Europe and made it "holy". So the God Zu of ancient Ur in Mesopotamia, who had to be in horse form to have sex with other proto-goddesses, mutated into Zeus and extended the ability to morph into changing into swans and bulls as well as horses, even a shower of golden sperm, this was altered into the non-sexual Jewish Yahweh turning into Zu and using the other aspect of the Flying Horse, namely, the bird, to impregnate a human female.

This bizarre oddity was extended by having the bird not have sex but merging with the human. Except it didn't, it sort of hyper-merged and then flew off. Explaining all this has created many rifts in the early Church which were resolved by brute force, the Emperor decideding in Nicea that there were three entities, they were all the same but different, the Father, the Son and the Holy Zu, the Flying God of Ur Ghost. This troublesome trio still cause theological problems which will, according to the True Believers, will be resolved with the Apocalypse. Whoopee.

Talk about sexual needs out of control! For you see, displacing sex is dangerous because it is closely allied to all those other dark urges in our brains, the urge to kill and eat everything one meets, the desire to stomp around the planet like a T-rex, bellowing and ripping things up, as usual, death/sex/food are the highest and nastiest, the nobelest and most hideous parts of our brains, our psyches, ourselves.

And coping with this will always be difficult. Meanwhile, the real question is, why are people who can't control any of their psychic dark selves running around telling me how to live my own life? Seriously, this is a huge difficulty and annoyance. I have to spend a lot of time dealing with them. And they tick me off for now they want to control my sex life in very intimate ways like taking away my control over my uterus and when I have children.

Zu, where are you? Throw a few thunderbolts. But not at me, thank you.
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