Thursday, January 19, 2006

Mourning the Death of Beloved Children

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

I can't say that I know how it feels to lose a beloved child, I can only call upon that wonderful gift given to us by the Goddesses, to feel sympathy when I hear of people losing the dearest part of themselves. One of our readers has sustained such a great loss, and I want him to know, we care.

I learned this from an email from another reader. Since he has been private about this, I won't say who it is, only please remember, everyone, we come onto this lovely planet and we live, and love and loving is all there really is that you can carry beyond the Gates of Death. There is nothing else, not anything, just love, and love is all there really is, deep inside, it is what keeps us not only alive but living, not entombed in eternal death but alive, to feel, for feeling love is what our souls are, they can only exist when there is love and love is everything and the end of everything.

Readers of this blog can probably guess that I am not an atheist. I have very strong beliefs based on my own life experiences. When I was a child, I died for a short while. Passing through the Gates of Death, I learned many things very suddenly, I learned that up is down and in is out and heavy is light and light is dark. And where all these things merge is where I was going and I was afraid.

And out of the chaos came a bolt of white light like a comet, it was Pegasus. I grabbed hold and he flew out of there and I fell to the ground in real time and space to see my father's tears streaming down his face and splashing onto mine.

Eventually, my parents will go where I went and all I can do is stand on the other shore and remember them for remembering is also love and love is what remains when all else is gone. Each day we live, we shower this love with our tears and this causes green things to grow and life springs ever eternal, even when it doesn't, it still is there, forever, for beyond the Gates of Death, there is no Time.

I have touched souls as they pass by, going there. It is like touching a rainbow, shimmering light as delicate as the Evening Star of Venus or the wash of light from the Milky Way in summer. So behold, this, and remember, it all comes together again, eventually, for all of us. We can't tell how or why, it just is, this stream of light, this effervesant river of love, always, in eternal embrace, the greatest force of all in the universe.

Peace to everyone.

Thank you.
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