Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Bush Orders Homeland Security To Open Religious Center

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Bush continues to violate the Constitution, this time unilaterally creating a "religious center" at Homeland Security, the neo-nazi police state aparatus. The first five Amendments are the most important and were put in the Constitution by our Founding Fathers themselves for good reasons.

From the Washington Post:
President Bush ordered the Department of Homeland Security yesterday to create a center for faith-based and community initiatives within 45 days to eliminate regulatory, contracting and programmatic barriers to providing federal funds to religious groups to deliver social services, the White House announced last night.

Pressed both by churches that have not received privately raised Hurricane Katrina relief funds as promised and by the outpouring of help of religious groups to Gulf Coast storm victims, Bush also called on the department by September "to identify all existing barriers . . . that unlawfully discriminate against, or otherwise discourage or disadvantage the participation" of such groups in federal programs.
The reason why those churches didn't get lots of loot is because they are not taxed so they can do charity. If they are "for profit" then they better put themselves under our control and this means no preaching because of the Constitutional wall between church and state. You want to preach then you can't be on the government payroll.

Lots of Americans selflessly opened their purses for the victims of the hurricanes. Not one of them got a penny back from the government. They could, if they were in the right tax brackets, get a tax break but that was all they got.

Bush secretly and illegally promised the mega churches and various right wing churches that they could pretend to be donating services (no money, just their buildings, etc) and the government would pay them as if they were businesses and they could still prosyletize their victims! This was squelched and now they are ticked off at him and he needs their bovine support for his wars and misadventures such as handing America over to foreign powers. Also, to keep Congress within striking range of stealing elections with the thinnest of majorities via rigged voting machines, he has to have at least 35% of the population beholden to him.

Not content with unleashing a very vicious and violent religious civil war in Iraq, this crazy man is trying to do the same here in America. The Republicans will go down in history as the party that betrayed America and burned both the flag and Constitution. The invisible fires are rapidly eating away at the very fabric of our democracy. As Russia pointed out just this week.

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