Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Bush Orders Homeland Security To Open Religious Center

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

Bush continues to violate the Constitution, this time unilaterally creating a "religious center" at Homeland Security, the neo-nazi police state aparatus. The first five Amendments are the most important and were put in the Constitution by our Founding Fathers themselves for good reasons.

From the Washington Post:
President Bush ordered the Department of Homeland Security yesterday to create a center for faith-based and community initiatives within 45 days to eliminate regulatory, contracting and programmatic barriers to providing federal funds to religious groups to deliver social services, the White House announced last night.

Pressed both by churches that have not received privately raised Hurricane Katrina relief funds as promised and by the outpouring of help of religious groups to Gulf Coast storm victims, Bush also called on the department by September "to identify all existing barriers . . . that unlawfully discriminate against, or otherwise discourage or disadvantage the participation" of such groups in federal programs.
The reason why those churches didn't get lots of loot is because they are not taxed so they can do charity. If they are "for profit" then they better put themselves under our control and this means no preaching because of the Constitutional wall between church and state. You want to preach then you can't be on the government payroll.

Lots of Americans selflessly opened their purses for the victims of the hurricanes. Not one of them got a penny back from the government. They could, if they were in the right tax brackets, get a tax break but that was all they got.

Bush secretly and illegally promised the mega churches and various right wing churches that they could pretend to be donating services (no money, just their buildings, etc) and the government would pay them as if they were businesses and they could still prosyletize their victims! This was squelched and now they are ticked off at him and he needs their bovine support for his wars and misadventures such as handing America over to foreign powers. Also, to keep Congress within striking range of stealing elections with the thinnest of majorities via rigged voting machines, he has to have at least 35% of the population beholden to him.

Not content with unleashing a very vicious and violent religious civil war in Iraq, this crazy man is trying to do the same here in America. The Republicans will go down in history as the party that betrayed America and burned both the flag and Constitution. The invisible fires are rapidly eating away at the very fabric of our democracy. As Russia pointed out just this week.

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Friday, March 03, 2006

Rachel Corrie Play Censored In NYC Due Pressure From Religious Bigots

By Elaine Meinel Supkis

A hit London play about IDF victim, Rachel Corrie, was cancelled indefinitely in NYC due to pressure from religious bigots who are terrified that Americans might get the truth about her murder despite the media wall that prevented her story from being seen here in America. I saw the video of how she was murdered and it was obvious, the driver of the bulldozer saw her and maliciously ran her over. Time for the NYT which lied about this to come clean not to mention, the other media!

From Common Dreams:
The Flights for cast and crew had been booked; the production schedule delivered; there were tickets advertised on the Internet. The Royal Court Theatre production of "My Name Is Rachel Corrie," the play I co-edited with Alan Rickman, was transferring later this month to the New York Theatre Workshop, home of the musical "Rent," following two sold-out runs in London and several awards.

We always felt passionately that it was a piece of work that needed to be seen in the United States. Created from the journals and e-mails of American activist Rachel Corrie, telling of her journey from her adolescence in Olympia, Wash., to her death under an Israeli bulldozer in Gaza at the age of 23, we considered it a unique American story that would have a particular relevance for audiences in Rachel's home country. After all, she had made her journey to the Middle East in order "to meet the people who are on the receiving end of our [American] tax dollars," and she was killed by a U.S.-made bulldozer while protesting the demolition of Palestinian homes.

But last week the New York Theatre Workshop canceled the production — or, in its words, "postponed it indefinitely." The political climate, we were told, had changed dramatically since the play was booked. As James Nicola, the theater's 's artistic director, said Monday, "Listening in our communities in New York, what we heard was that after Ariel Sharon's illness and the election of Hamas in the recent Palestinian elections, we had a very edgy situation." Three years after being silenced for good, Rachel was to be censored for political reasons."
This story was from the LA Times. The NYT also had a tiny article at the bottom of a series of other announcements. The reporter wasn't very curious about the cancellation and didn't dig very deeply into who was pressuring the theater to cancel and the silliness that Sharon, a living corpse, would be disturbed by the revelation that he was the director of a military operation bent on murder, like hahaha. This butcher loved massacres.

In the news, this item was mentioned only 18 times according to Google. Many times, in regular news stories, you get at least 300 entries. In this case, a few major outlets mentioned the news but most didn't do anything beyond the barest information and none examined the original story which was, the IDF was trying to intimidate foreigners who were standing up the brutalization of Palestinians and one of them, Rachel, was maliciously and obviously run over and I saw it, the bulldozer driver even ground the blade into her, backing up very slowly while people screamed and screamed at him, I had to cover my ears!

Then he was let off the hook like all the IDF murderers, citing "accidental" killing which was an obvious lie.

Like the video of Bush laughing while reading "My Pet Goat" after hearing the news that the terrorist attack he desperately wanted succeeded, this video has never been shown to America except for Michael Moore's film, "Farenheit 911" which the media screamed was filled with lies and desperate moves were made to hide it or belittle it. So it was with poor Rachel Corrie. Now, even a simple play based on her emails, can't appear in public in NYC because this might alert people to the true facts of her case and that is verboten.

I hate this with a passion. There are many moves afoot to follow the hideous path chosen by Zionists, the desire to turn various places into religious dictatorships, what I call, "Religious Fascism", this monster is devouring billions of people. Here is a typical example here in America: Missouri Bill To Make Christianity Official Religion:
Missouri legislators in Jefferson City considered a bill that would name Christianity the state's official "majority" religion.

House Concurrent Resolution 13 has is pending in the state legislature.

Many Missouri residents had not heard about the bill until Thursday.

Karen Aroesty of the Anti-defamation league, along with other watch-groups, began a letter writing and email campaign to stop the resolution.

The resolution would recognize "a Christian god," and it would not protect minority religions, but "protect the majority's right to express their religious beliefs.
The Anti-defamation League is worried this will be used to attack Jews. Well, duh! Alas, they can't see this when Jews attack other religions or other people, when they impose religious bigottry on other nations! In Europe, people are being put in prison because they hold beliefs the states don't want such as the Holocaust deniers. This is giving obvious Nazis the status of victims of persecution and increasingly, people chafe at the hamfisted efforts to control debate about history, this is totally wrong. One wins these debates by arguing facts, not mugging the other side and then gagging it.

The Missouri bill is typical of many religious bills being considered across America in places where support for shipping all the Jews to Israel is very strong. These people, and I know them well!---dream of creating a New Jerusalem in America, one that is this nightmare religious bigot state that is only for Christians! And they use the political positions and excuses Zionists cooked up for creating their slave state in the Holy Land. For everyone is a slave to the Jews there and here, everyone will be slaves of the right wing Christians who want no secular protections for those of us who are not right wing Christian Nazis! They want to drive us out, too, to die.

The entire underpinning of the Jews only state is a poison in this world, many radical Muslims embrace this ideology and feel justified in persecuting minority religions because their vicious neighbors are doing exactly that while celebrating tribal/religous bigot lifestyles as the ultimate way humanity should live!

This disgusting ideology is the latest branch of fascism to grow on blood soaked soil and it is a mere twig compared to the nasty tree of the same that many are trying to plant here. The ten Amendments to the Constitution are, I believe, universal. All nations should have it as their bedrock, even in the Middle East: seperation of Church and State and freedom of speech being the top two items! As an America citizen, I am proud of this Constitution and angry that the top provisions in the Amendments are being destroyed thanks to various religious factions desperately trying to build extra-legal entities that allow them to bully and abuse other humans.

I don't care what religion it is, this has to stop, now!

A Colorado Teacher is Censored:
About 150 high school students walked out of class to protest a decision to put a teacher on leave while they investigate remarks he made about President Bush in class, including that some people compare Bush to Adolf Hitler.

The protest came Thursday as administrators began investigating whether Overland High School teacher Jay Bennish violated a policy requiring balancing viewpoints in the classroom, Cherry Creek School District spokeswoman Tustin Amole said.
The joke online is, Bush can't be compared to Hitler, after all, Hitler actually was in the midst of battle and got wounded and he was good at giving speeches and no one pulled his strings. Bush is more like Henry the VI, ineffectual and bumbling.

Again and again, people are censored because we aren't supposed to talk about fascism and the meaning of fascists and worrying about creeping fascism. Many Jewish people want to isolate the issue, pretending it was only a Hitler thing rather than understanding its true nature and roots and why it is thriving today.

Here is a quote from the head of the theater group who cancelled the play:
“The uniform answer we got was that the fantasy that we could present the work of this writer simply as a work of art without appearing to take a position was just that, a fantasy,” Nicola was quoted saying in The New York Times The play was a hit at the Royal Court Theater in London last year."
Lord forbid that people not look at a bloody murder as a bloody murder. We have to appreciate it as mere esthetics, first!

Gah. Murder should outrage us and horrify us! 'The Passion of Christ" is a hideous movie because it looks at the Bibical descriptions of the Roman execution of a Jewish dissident and the film maker had to make up all sorts of salacious details that were not in any record, all aimed at getting people aroused with the macabre theatrical bloody events, in the case of the Corrie play, the bloody end was barely visible, it focused on the girl, herself, a clear counterpart to another girl whose life was snuffed by fascists, Anne Frank.

The Electronic Infantata wants to do some protests concerning this censorship of Rachel's life.
Please endorse this initiative, and join this coalition. It's not meant to replace any plans that groups may already have for March 16th or individual responses to the cancellation of the play (expressing feelings to the NYTW, writing op-eds, etc.) but to support them. In fact, we are hoping that a unified action, world-wide, and with press coverage will ensure that Rachel's words are heard more widely than ever and, through her words, her message of human rights and justice will be heard as well. If you already have an event planned for March 16, perhaps reading from Rachel's e-mails can be incorporated into or before/after your event. Groups and individuals can sign on.
I hope this will force a retraction of the censorship and Americans can finally see what the rest of Europe can see so freely.

Free speech for everyone! Even fascists.

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